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Accessing Online Advising Information

Advising information on TigerPAWS

My Advisees

  • Transcripts
  • Student Schedules
  • Degree Audits (aka “program evaluations”)
  • Student Profiles (address, phone, email, majors/minors, anticipated graduation date, academic standing, other advisers)
  • Admissions Test Scores

Advisee Approval

  • Approve Advisees for registration
  • View advisee’s registration start day and time

Advisee List with Photos

Search for Sections to view class schedule/course offerings

  • Select classes by subject, level, meeting days/times
  • Sort and view all Open Sections or Closed Sections

Logging In to TigerPAWS

Accessing Advisee Files

Directions for logging in to ImageNow (Mac Users)

Directions for logging in to ImageNow (PC Users)

Advising Information on Registrar’s Web Site

General Information

  • Academic Calendars
  • Courses of Study Bulletins (Catalog)
  • Common Curriculum lists
  • Narrative sections from paper class schedule
  • Final exam schedule
  • Interdisciplinary majors/minors
  • Tentative class schedule future term

Faculty & Staff Information

  • Advising Information
  • Forms

Advising Appointment

Registration Scheduling

Logging In to TigerPAWS

Go to TigerPAWS, click Log In, enter username/password, submit, then choose TigerPAWS for Faculty

Using My Advisees

Click My Advisees (under Faculty Information)

Two options for listing advisees:

  1. Choose current Term. This will display all advisees who have been actively listed as yours at any point during the selected term (i.e., those who recently declared or changed majors may still appear). Hint: If you enter a Term, leave the Start/End Date fields blank.
  2. Enter Start and End dates to view only current adviseesEnter today’s date in the Start Date field and any future date in the End Date field (i.e., the last day of the term). This option will omit any advisees who were yours at the start of the term but recently declared or changed majors. Note: the Term field must be blank when using the Start/End Dates option.

Select the function you desire from the drop down box next to a single advisee’s name then click Submit. Note: select only one advisee at a time. Use the back arrow on the browser to return to the advisee list and perform another function.


Using Advisee Approval

Click Advisee Approval (under Faculty Information)

A list of current advisees for which you are the primary adviser will be displayed. These are students that must have your approval in order to register.

Approving Advisees for Registration

Click in the box to the right of the student’s name, placing a √ in the box. Click Submit. This clears the student(s) to register. You may clear one or more (or all) advisees at the same time. An email showing each advisee’s approval status is generated automatically and sent to you each time changes are submitted.

View Advisee List with Photos

Simply click the Advisee List with Photos link from the Faculty Menu.


Use Search for Sections to view class schedule/course offerings

Select Search for Sections

Enter the appropriate Term. Note: leave Start/End date fields blank.

Enter up to 5 subject areas at a time, OR

To view a broader range of courses, leave subject fields blank and select either Lower Division, Upper Division, or Graduate under Course Levels. (note: allow time to process and avoid using the “undergraduate” option).

If desired, further limit the search by selecting meeting times and days.

Once results are displayed you can sort on any column by clicking the column heading.

By clicking on the Status column, you can sort and view Open Classes or Closed Classes.