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Service Requests for Equipment


The purchase and maintenance of copiers on campus are handled through the Purchasing Office, Convenience Copy Center. For technical problems with a copier, please call the service number ext. 5400 or email to copierservice [at]


All maintenance on typewriters is handled through the Purchasing Office. Please call our service number at ext. 5400 if you are having problems with your typewriter. Your typewriter must be under maintenance to be repaired. If you need further information on the maintenance contract, please call this service number and request a review of the service contract. 

Laundry Machines, Beverage & Snack Machines

Email or text requests for vending machine malfunctions to: purchasing [at] trinity.eduInclude: Location/Machine ID 3 digit number and the specific problem. Refunds for cash lost can be obtained at the Purchasing Office in Prassel, Suite 203 or in Northrup Hall Business Office - Student Account counter.