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Placing Orders with Merchants

Procedures for Trinity Employees

1. Purchasing Card (P-Card) Orders  placed via telephone or online by cardholders should include specific instructions to the merchant/vendor detailing where to ship and bill the merchandise.

  • Ship to Address for all orders:
    Your Name and Department
    Trinity University 
    607 Kings Court
    San Antonio, TX 78212
  • Sound administrative practice dictates that orders be shipped to a Trinity University campus address, not to off campus locations or private residences.
  • Billing Address for P-card Orders:
    Your Name and Department
    Trinity University
    1 Trinity Place
    San Antonio, TX 78212
  • At the time of purchase, merchants/vendors should be cautioned against using any computer system default shipping or billing addresses they may have saved for orders from Trinity – Addresses should always follow the above formats

1a.  If the merchant/vendor does not accept p-cards,  (Purchasing policy dictates that departments have authority to place their own orders up to $5,000), then a quote should be obtained from the merchant/vendor and submitted to Accounts Payable as a requisition for processing. The Purchasing office will place the order using a Purchase Order (P.O.) form.

  • Ship to Address for P.O.s is the same as for P-cards.
  • Bill to Address for Purchase Orders:
    Your Name and Department
    Trinity University A/P
    P.O. Box 120280
    San Antonio, TX 78212
  • Purchasing will notify the department of the P.O. number once the order has been placed.

2. Advise all merchants/vendors that Trinity, as an Educational Institution, is exempt from all Texas State and Local Sales Tax. You will find our tax ID number on the front of your p-card.

3. When Merchandise has been Delivered:

  • Central Receiving will inspect any incoming orders that pass through their area for obvious exterior freight damage.
  • Orders will not be opened in the Central Receiving Warehouse for inspection. They will be redelivered to the recipient placing the order, whose responsibility is to immediately open the package and inspect for damages.
  • Any damaged freight shipments or missing/wrong items should be preserved in their original containers (do not dispose of any boxes or materials when damage is discovered), and reported to the merchant/vendor within 24 hours of the receiving the merchandise.
  • Contact Central Receiving for assistance with filing damaged freight claims, if needed.
  • If a Purchase Order was used and you are ready to pay the approved invoice, send an email to centrec [at] (cc appaymentsfsc [at] ( requesting they accept and release the P.O. in Colleague, and send the invoice to the Accounts Payable for processing.
    • Note the P.O. number on the invoice and sign.