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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain a tax-exempt certificate? 

Tax- Exempt certificates may be obtained on the Forms page. 

Where do I get copy machine supplies for our department? 

The Purchasing Office oversees the department's convenience copiers and supplies consumable products such as; paper, toner or staples. Call the warehouse at ext. 8291 or email: centrec [at]

When will our department copier be replaced? 

Copy machines are on an 8 year life cycle replacement plan or after 1 million copies. The Purchasing Office monitors and is responsible for requesting funding for new copy machines or upgrades. 

Who is a Notary Public in the Purchasing Office? 

Grace Martinez is a Notary Public in our office and can assist the Trinity University community with notary requests. Please call ext. 8228 or email Grace.Martinez [at] for an appointment. 

Who manages Surplus Property? 

Either Cindy Lara (email: clara [at] or Grace Martinez (email: galaquin [at] to schedule an appointment and review our surplus inventory. Check our Purchasing Surplus Sale Items tab to see any current sale items (when available). 

How do I obtain assistance for competitive quotes? 

Contact Cindy Lara at ext. 8290 or email at cindy.lara [at]