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Capital Equipment Process

There are certain procedures and restrictions placed on capital equipment purchases made throughout the year. Each year the University budgets specific funds for equipment purchases. These are explained in the following sections.

Capital Equipment Process 

Procedural Statement 
For Capital Equipment Purchases 
Revised April 2011 


Annually, at a time designated by the president, departments may request funding for items of equipment (except office computers and printers) that are needed to accomplish their assigned mission. Items must cost at least $500.00. 


Each year the University budgets specific funds for equipment purchases. 

Request Procedures: 

  • Requests for all capital equipment purchases with a cost of $500 or more must be submitted for approval to the director or appropriate vice president with final approval given by the President. These requests are to be submitted in priority order, and must include a justification of need, equipment specifications and item cost. 
  • Once approved by the President, the Office of Finance & Administration will send the approved equipment list to each respective Vice President. Once notified, departments will issue a TU Requisition Form for their equipment purchase and forward it to the Financial Service Center. The Financial Service Center will route these TU Requisition Form's to the Purchasing Office who will place the orders and ensure that the items are approved, the best price is obtained, and are charged to the appropriate account number. (Individual departments are not to make these purchases. They may recommend a vendor to the Purchasing Office) Any costs above the approved item amount are charged to the appropriate department account. The Purchasing Office will inform the Inventory Coordinator of all equipment purchases. 
  • If departments determine there is a need to purchase something other than what was approved, submit a request to the appropriate vice president who will seek approval from the Vice President for Finance and Administration. 
  • Capital Equipment savings can be allocated toward additional capital equipment purchases for that department or program upon approval of the Vice President for Finance and Administration. 


November 1 - Departments include capital equipment request with budget. 

March-April Approved allocations sent to Vice Presidents for further notifications to department. 

Procedures for Expending Start-Up Funds 

Before spending start-up funds, an itemized and complete list of start-up fund equipment must be sent to the Office Academic Affairs. After this list is approved, allocated funds may be spent by sending appropriate DPO's to the Office of Academic Affairs. These DPO's should use the following account number: 10-1300048. The Office of Academic Affairs will check each order against the start-up funds list and then send the DPO to the Business Office- Accounts Payable. 

In the case of purchases of computers or computer-related equipment, prices should be checked with the Director of Hardware/Software in Information Technology Services before completing the DPO. After the Office of Academic Affairs has approved the order, the DPO will be sent to Information Technology Services for approval. 

If you wish to change your itemized list of start-up fund equipment in any significant way, you must send a revised complete list to the Office of Academic Affairs for approval.