Staff Identification Card

Every permanent employee is required to carry a Trinity University identification card and, specifically, to use their card in the following areas: 

The identification card (ID card) is required by the following offices for the following reasons: 

  • Business Office - to cash personal checks up to $100 
  • Library - to check out books or access the library 
  • Bookstore - to receive applicable discounts, and for acceptance of checks for payments 
  • Food Service - to purchase meals by departments with authorized meal plan accounts 
  • Campus Security - for identification 
  • Bell Athletic Center - to access indoor recreation facilities 

The initial card is provided at time of hire at no cost to the employee. Replacement fees will be imposed for two lost or stolen cards, regardless of the circumstances, reported in the same calendar year. The non-refundable replacement fee is $25.00, and payment is made at the cashier's window in the Business Office. Individuals, not departments, are responsible for ID cards; thus it is not appropriate to charge replacement fees to University budgets. 

At time of termination of employment, the employee must return his or her identification card in order for the final paycheck to be released.