Gift Policy

Gifts to Employees, Students and Others 

Gift and gift cards for employees for any occasion, including Christmas, birthday, graduation or Secretary's Day, are the personal responsibility of the individual wishing to send the gift. These are not to be charged to the University. University funds may be used to purchase gift cards under $50 for business related purposes, such as thanking students for serving on a Trinity in Focus panel or other related activities for which the student is not paid by the University for the services rendered. 

Flowers sent on major occasions are not classified as gifts and thus may be purchased with University funds. Major occasions include the death of a loved one, hospitalization, and the birth or adoption of a child. 

Retirement gifts may be purchased with University funds not exceeding $100 in value. 

The policy pertains only to gifts, not to meals, travel expenses, and other categories of expenses covered elsewhere in the Finance & Administration Policies. 

In a very limited number of cases a gift or memento may be desired to be presented to a non-university individual in lieu of an honorarium or other payment for some service the individual has performed for the University, When appropriate and with the approval of the Vice President, a gift may be charged to a department's supply and expense account. Such expenditures must be fully documented with original receipts and an explanation of the University business related purpose of the expense, including the name of the recipient. 

There are certain University wide events such as The Phonathon, United Way Breakfast, Purchasing Vendor Fair, Human Resources Monthly Birthday Party, which are permitted to give gifts and gift cards to employees and students where the recipients are unknown until their name is drawn.