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Academic Credit Enrollment

Trinity enables students to earn up to six academic credits for internships that complement their academic program. The internship is to be a structured and supervised professional work experience with an accepted employer. Credit for internships must be approved in advance. Credit will not be granted retroactively.


  • Experience- Each credit hour requires forty hours of work on site. A three credit class breaks down to 10-12 hours of work per week during the fall and spring semesters.
  • Intention- Set goals about what you hope to gain from the internship in terms of career exploration, effective workplace habits, and development of industry-specific skills and general marketable skills like communication and teamwork.
  • Reflection - Reflection is the element that transforms simple experience into a learning experience. For knowledge to be discovered and internalized students must process what they are doing, how that is working out, and what they will do next time. Reflection may take place in writing or in conversation.
  • Evaluation - Students and supervisors will complete a performance evaluation for the student at the mid and end points in the semester. They will have a conversation about their evaluation responses so the student walks away with an understanding of areas for strength and areas for improvement.

Internship Course Enrollment


  1. Search for an internship.
  2. Secure an internship.
  3. Decide if you would like to earn academic credit for your internship by enrolling in an internship course. If yes, proceed!
  4. Contact your academic advisor to discuss which course you should register for and for how many hours (students can register for up to 6 credit hours; however, most students register for 1 - 3). Each credit requires forty hours of work on site (this also includes virtual/remote work).
  5. Complete the online Spring Internship Registration Form. You need to know the following information:
    1. Internship course subject and number. E.g. BUSN 3X97 - “X” is the number of credit hours you are seeking). 
    2. Who will be your course instructor - talk to your academic advisor to help you identify a Trinity internship instructor for the course. If you are a School of Business student, the Experiential Learning Office will assign you a course instructor.
    3. Your internship supervisor contact information.
  6. Advise your internship instructor and your department chair that you have completed a registration form. They will receive a course approval form by email that needs to be completed for the Registrar’s Office to process the registration.

We recommend beginning the registration process 4-6 weeks before the internship begins. The deadline for internship registration is fifteen business days after add/drop.

Here is a sample of the Learning Agreement you will need to submit as part of the registration process for your internship.