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Student Internship Information

2020 Summer Internship Course Registration 

Given the "Stay Home, Work Safe" order in Bexar County and Trinity University, the internship course summer registration will be conducted strictly online. When you enroll in an internship course for the summer, the cost is now only $200 per credit hour - a highly discounted rate from the normal summer tuition rate (this tuition rate is only for internship courses).

  1. Search for an internship.
  2. Secure an internship.
  3. Decide if you would like to earn academic credit for your internship by enrolling in an internship course. If yes, proceed!
  4. Contact your academic advisor (virtually) to discuss which course you should register for and for how many hours (students can register for up to 6 credit hours; however, most students register for 1 - 3). Each credit requires forty hours of work on site.
  5. Complete the online 2020 Summer Internship Registration Form. You need to know the following information:
    1. Internship course subject and number. E.g. BUSN 3X97 - “X” is the number of credit hours you are seeking). 
    2. Who will be your course instructor - talk to your academic advisor to help you identify a Trinity internship instructor for the course.
    3. Your internship supervisor contact information.
  6. Advise your internship instructor and your department chair that you have completed a registration form. They will receive a link to the Internship Course Approval Form that needs to be completed for the Registrar’s Office to process the registration.

Finding an Internship

Resources to help you during the internship search process include Handshake, internship search workshops, and Trinity-sponsored internship programs.

A.L.E. Internship Application

A.L.E. also provides internships for the spring and summer semesters. For more infomration and how to apply please visit A.L.E.'s website.

Mexico, the Americas and Spain Internship Grants

The MAS Alvarez internship grants engage Trinity students in the development of greater appreciation and understanding of the cultural expression, historical experience, societal practices, institutional life, and the physical environment of the peoples of Mexico, the Americas, and Spain.

Academic Credit Enrollment

Trinity enables students to earn up to six academic credits for internships that complement their academic program. The internship is to be a structured and supervised professional work experience with an accepted employer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find an internship or job?
Trinity provides resources to help you drive your internship search. We host internship search workshops throughout the semester, provide online resources and manage Handshake (Trinity's job and internship database). Go to Finding and Internship.

Can I get an internship through Trinity?
In addition to the internship search resources like Handshake and search workshops, Trinity sponsors two internship programs for students in all majors. See "Finding an Internship" page for more information.

Can I get academic credit for an internship? What are the requirements?
Yes, Trinity enables students to earn up to six academic credits for internships that complement their academic program. See "Academic Credit" page for more information.

How do I register for internship credit?
We recommend beginning the registration process 4-6 weeks before the internship begins. The process can take several weeks as it requires signatures from your course instructor, academic adviser, department chair, and site supervisor. The deadline for internship registration is fifteen business days after add/drop. See "Academic Credit" page for more information.

Can I get academic credit for a summer internship?
Yes. Trinity commitment to inclusive excellence led to a significant reduction in tuition fees for credit-bearing summer internship courses. The new tuition fee is $200.00 per academic credit (for a three credit-bearing internship course the cost is $600.00).