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1869 Scholars

The 1869 Scholars is a mentorship program focused on building meaningful and intentional relationships between Trinity students and alumni. Over an academic year, each alumnus is paired with a student to form one-on-one mentorships.

1869 Scholars is a unique, intimate program which allows current students to explore their interests and reflect upon their skill-building experiences with an Alumni Mentor.

Participants can expect five to six interactions with a mentor between September and March. Student participants engage in a brief orientation program and enjoy participation in 1869 Scholar group activities. Alumni Mentors receive training via a live or recorded 60-minute webinar.

Alumni reconnect with the University and give back in their own way, while guiding students and preparing them for success in the real world. Students reflect on their Trinity experience, heed advice from someone who’s been in their shoes, and learn to articulate their skills, knowledge, passions, motivations, and personal development they have developed during their college years.

“I like how the program helped me think about the experiences I’ve had and display them on a résumé or LinkedIn.” - 1869 Scholar Student Participant

In the 1869 Scholars program, students practice articulating skills they have learned inside and outside the classroom...

  • Effective communication
  • Engaged citizenship
  • Teamwork
  • Problem solving and innovation
  • Planning and organization
  • Information literacy
  • Digital literacy
  • Quantitative reasoning

Want to Get Involved?


Interested in participating? Complete a pre-application form by Friday, May 4, 2018. Check back later this summer for information about additional opportunities to apply (based on program capacity). Have questions? Email getinvolved [at]

Learn more about what to expect as a student participant here.


Serve as an Alumni Mentor by engaging students dialogue that helps them explore their interests and reflect upon their skill-building experiences. Interested in participating? Submit an  application by Friday, August 25 at midnight. Have questions? Email 1869mentorinfo [at] More information about the Alumni Mentor role can be found here.

1869 Scholars is a collaborative initiative across Alumni Relations, the Center for Experiential Learning & Career Success, Residential Life, and Student Involvement.

1869 Scholars program funding provided by Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) and Lilly Endowment Inc.