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Alvarez Summer Internship Grant Guidelines

The Alvarez Summer Internship Grant program is designed to hone language skills and deepen cultural understanding while providing a wealth of real world experiences that advance postgraduate opportunities. The program includes a $4000 grant, on-campus housing and a 1-credit annotation on student's transcript.

Alvarez Grant recipient, Madison working at her desk

The Alvarez Summer Internship Grant program engages Trinity students in matters and activities falling under the MAS mission and promote Trinity University's relations with non-profit organizations whose activities are related to the mission. These internships also support the development of a greater appreciation and understanding of the cultural expression, historical experience, societal practices, institutional life, and the physical environment of the people that inhabit the multiple spaces included in the MAS program.

"I started my internship a week ago at Canal Alliance, a nonprofit organization that caters to the Spanish speaking Latino community in San Rafael, CA.. I am working with their immigration department and have already had the opportunity to work with clients…. My Spanish language skills are definitely coming in handy. I am very grateful for this opportunity…."
- Madison Matthies '18

How to apply:

  • Submit application cover sheet, along with:
    • 2-3 page written proposal for internship, including some background of organization, a program of activities and objectives, and how this experience fits into your course of study
    • Letter from organization officially granting the internship
    • Letter of support from Trinity faculty mentor
    • Curriculum vitae or resumé
    • Unofficial copy of transcript
  • Submit all paperwork via email to: emembren [at] 
    2019 Summer Application deadline is February 11, 2019

Upon completion of internship, intern must submit the following items:

  • *A poster presentation on internship experience which provides information on the intern's agency; describes the nature and significance of the work the intern engaged in; and offers an assessment of the intern's experience.  Poster will be presented at the end of the summer session or during the academic year
  • 4-6 Photos from internship that may be used on MAS social media and/or website
  • Submit paperwork via email to: emembren [at]

Any student is allowed a maximum of two internship grants during the course of their tenure at Trinity University.