International Student Orientation

Trinity International Student Orientation (ISO) is a mandatory three-day orientation program designed to assist new students (including transfer and exchange students) with familiarizing themselves with Trinity and immigration regulations related to their visa.

(The ISO continues for 10 weeks after the semester starts, it is infused into the INTL 1100 course. The International Student Orientation Course (INTL 1100) is a mandatory ten-week course offered each fall semester for new international students. Through ISO and the INTL1100 course, we offer cultural and academic adjustment support to help ensure that you are able to build a foundation for success here at Trinity.)

Fall 2019 International Student Orientation and Parent and Family Orientation

International Student Check-in/Move-in and Orientation
Check-in/Move-in: Tuesday, August 13
Orientation: Wednesday, Aug.14 - Thursday Aug. 16 

International Parent and Family Orientation
Saturday, Aug. 17

Some activities from the International Student Orientation, Aug. 14-16, are also open to parents and families. View the International Student Orientation Sample Schedule for information about our past activities.

ISO 2019 Preliminary Schedule

Sample ISO schedule - International Student Orientation Schedule 2018

Please check out the International Student Handbook to get helpful information to help you begin your education at Trinity. 

Read about our international student's ISO experience: Finding Home Half-way across the Globe