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Trinity Network and E-mail Access

At Trinity you have two main accounts to remember and maintain: your Trinity network account and your Tmail account. The username will be the same for each one, but you will have two separate passwords to change and remember. You may use the same password for both, but each will need to be changed separately. 

When choosing your passwords, please refer to the Guidelines for Good Passwords in order to see our requirements and recommendations. 

Network User ID and Password 

Your Trinity network username and password will be used to access many things on campus including university computers, Tiger's Lair, TigerPAWS, and TLEARN. It is important that you carefully protect this password since it will access not only your private information but potentially the data of others in the Trinity community. 

If you are an incoming student, you will receive your username from the Office of Admissions . Be sure to open and read all of your mail from Admissions as you prepare to come to Trinity. 

If you are joining us as a new employee, your Trinity username will be sent to your department's administrative assistant. He or she will send it to you via your contact information on file or will have it ready for you when you arrive on campus. Your temporary password can be obtained from the ITS Helpdesk. It take approximately 48 hours for these to be generated once you have filed your new-hire paperwork with the Human Resources department. 

You will be required to change this password before you are allowed to access university resources. This can be done at

Tmail: Google Apps for Education 

Since 2010, Trinity students, faculty, and staff have used Google Apps for Education as their Trinity email service. Google Apps provides a number of services including: 

Tmail is accessed by going to

In order to change your Tmail password, go to your Google Account Settings and choose Change Password

Google provides a Learning Center that has some great information on these apps, but you can also check our Tmail FAQs for commonly requested information here at Trinity. Contact the ITS Helpdesk with questions or for more information. 

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