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Cell Phone Purchasing Policy


To provide guidance to departments and employees regarding cell phone purchases and services supplied by Trinity University.


The Cell Phone Purchasing Policy applies to anyone currently possessing or purchasing a cell phone or device through a Trinity University funds. 


  • Cell phones purchased with a Trinity Account should be approved by ITS prior to purchase. Information Technology Services will be unable to support unapproved cell phones. 
  • AT&T Wireless is the primary provider for wireless services at Trinity University. Cell phones that are currently operating under a different service provider should be migrated to AT&T once the current contract expires. 
  • Phone numbers with an area code other than (210) will not be ported to a University issued phone. 
  • Users with a Trinity-issued cell phone will be allowed to take their number with them upon leaving Trinity University. 
  • Cell phone rate and data plans should be coordinated with ITS. 
  • Each purchasing unit will be responsible for the payment of each cell phone belonging to their department, including change of plans and porting fees. 
  • For lost or stolen cell phones, the end user is responsible for notifying their department head and ITS. The end user is responsible for filing a lost or stolen property report with Trinity University Police Department. 

How to switch from your current provider: 

Please contact the Director of Telecommunications in ITS extension 7414. Please be ready to provide the information listed below. Please note that we will only port cell phone numbers with a San Antonio (210) area code. 

  • Cell phone number 
  • Current provider 
  • Account number 
  • Password/Pin (if applicable) 
  • Expiration date of current contract 
  • Name on current account 
  • Billing Address 
  • New cell phone model you have selected from 
  • Department account number that new service plan and equipment will be charged

Proper disposal of cell phones no longer in use: 

Cell phones and cell phone equipment purchased through Trinity University accounts or with Trinity University funds that have been replaced and or are no longer in use should be sent to Trinity Information Technology Services (ITS) for proper disposal. Before cell phones are turned over to ITS for disposal, a reasonable attempt should be made to delete and erase all information from the phone. ITS will then wipe clean the memory of the phone again before properly disposing of it.