Multimedia Services

ITS provides a complete range of media production services to Trinity faculty and staff in support of academic instruction and research. Services offered include video recording, audio recording, video streaming, photography, 3D printing, laser engraving, campus cable TV, or 3D scanning work. Our equipment is also available to students for Trinity related assignments or projects.

Production work can be charged to the requesting department. Reference the ITS production / digital support price list for classroom and non-classroom department charges.

Please complete the Media Services production request form. Your media production request is not approved until you receive a confirmation from ITS.

Media Production Request

Video Conference Request

Video Recording 

We offer faculty and staff the option of having their event professionally recorded and edited. We record using high definition cameras and high fidelity audio equipment. The requester also has the option of allowing us to upload the finished product to Youtube or transferred to a storage device provided by the requester. Several HD cameras and accessories are available for checkout as a DIY option.


Video Conferencing 

ITS has several options available to faculty and groups desiring remote conferencing services, including proprietary video conferencing equipment. All web conferencing request needs a week notice and all the contact information for your remote location so we can setup end to end tests prior to your event. Our videoconferencing room and Media Presentation room can be requested through TSPACE. Available options include: Skype, Google Hangout, WebEx, and Polycom. The Polycom option is only available in our videoconferencing room.

Request a Videoconference


Audio Recording 

In addition to on-site support, ITS also offers a dedicated audio recording room. Patrons are able to record multi-track high fidelity audio. Our audio editing software of choice is Adobe Audition. Users are able to export their recordings in a wide variety of formats, suitable for podcasting, video production, voice overs, etc. We are more than happy to provide basic training on the use of our audio equipment and software. Several digital audio recorders are available for checkout as a DIY option. 


Media Duplication/Conversion 

ITS offers multimedia duplication and conversion services. Patrons have the option of converting VHS content to a digital platform. All duplications and conversion services are for academic use only. If you have questions about copyright laws please contact the Trinity Library circulation desk at 210-999-8127.




ITS offers on-location and studio digital photography. We use high end DSLR cameras. Most of these services are available to faculty and staff only. Consultations are required prior to event date. Several DSLR cameras and accessories are available for checkout as a DIY option. 


3D Printing and 3D Scanning 

3D printing is available to all current faculty, students, and staff for academic use only. STL files are required for prints. The printer uses plant-based recyclable PLA plastic. Quickly turn your idea into a CAD model for a 3D printer. TinkerCad is an easy to use 3D CAD design tool.

The NextEngine 3D Scanner can be used to create digital 3D models of physical things, to help get you started with your project using existing objects. The maximum object size is 13.5" x 10.1". 

Consultations are required prior to using the 3D printer and 3D scanner. Please contact helpdesk [at] to set up a consultation. 

Campus Cable TV and IPTV

Trinity’s cable TV service is provided by Dish and the IPTV service is provided by Philo. ITS manages the campus cable TV service and the satellite downlink system. We oversee contracts with commercial suppliers for Trinity's cable service as well as IPTV. We also manage and operate, TriniTV, the campus streaming video system. Cable TV service is provided to almost all buildings on campus, including classrooms, residence halls, and other locations.

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