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President's Message

Dear Trinity community,

Sexual assault – in all of its forms – is a topic that has attracted wide attention in the media, and concern on college campuses across the nation. Trinity is not immune. Even though we talk about the Trinity bubble as a protective space, we are permeated by the behaviors and activities represented throughout our society.

In the Spring of 2015, Trinity students participated anonymously in a survey by the Higher Education Data Sharing (HEDS) consortium to gauge campus climate with respect to sexual assault. The attached survey results provide a context for understanding sexual assault at Trinity and raises the conversation about what we can do to be a safer campus.

As you read the results, you may be tempted to seek comparisons and reassurance that our situation is better than others. I urge you to resist this temptation. The report notes at one point: “A small number of incidents can have a large impact on campus climate. Although many respondents indicated they themselves had not been sexually assault, they expressed strong views on the campus climate or reporting process.”

Sexual misconduct and assault are not tolerated by the Trinity community. Even one incident can have a chilling effect on our environment and the student experience. Our goal is to have policies, procedures, and practices that ensure that everyone, everywhere, is always safe. That is a high bar; we can accept no other. Please read this information with the goal of empathy for those affected and actions to achieve our goal of safety.

Danny Anderson
Trinity University