For immediate assistance or in an emergency call TUPD at 210-999-7000, or call 911. 

Go to a safe location, and if injured seek immediate medical attention.

Note that Trinity University Police can contact on-call staff who are available to provide campus resources outside of business hours when offices are closed (Counseling, Residential Life, Dean of Students, the Title IX Coordinator).

If you are off-campus and in an emergency situation, call the local police department by dialing 911. If it is not an emergency situation you can contact the San Antonio Police Department at 210-207- 7273. The Title IX Coordinator and Trinity’s University’s Police staff are available to assist you if desired.

You may also make a report to Trinity’s Title IX Coordinator by calling 210-999-7835 or emailing eos [at] In addition, at the bottom of every webpage there is a link to report Sexual Misconduct to the Title IX Coordinator.

If you wish to report anonymously to the University, you may do so through the Campus Conduct Hotline at 1-866-943-5787 or online at

Mandatory Reporting and Confidential Reporting Options

It is important for students to feel comfortable reaching out to campus personnel for support, guidance, and advice. However, all parties should be aware of privacy and mandatory reporting requirements, as outlined below, in order to make informed choices. Unless a University employee is expressly identified as “confidential” by the University, University employees are required by law to pass on information they receive about sexual misconduct to the Title IX Coordinator.

Except for the people listed below, Trinity faculty and staff are obligated by law to report allegations of Sexual Misconduct to the Title IX Coordinator. Because of their level of responsibility, Residential Life student staff members are also required to relay reports to the Title IX Coordinator. (Note that Aramark dining staff, Barnes and Noble employees, cleaning staff members, and non-affiliated vendors are contracted by the University and are not Trinity University employees. Students should not report to or assume that a report to these individuals will be received by the University.)

Once the Title IX Coordinator receives information about an allegation of Sexual Misconduct, the Title IX Coordinator will request detailed information about the incident, the people involved, potential witnesses and evidence, the date, time, and location, etc. in order to assess the need to protect the student or other members of the community, or to determine if there is a pattern of reports connected to a student or group of students.

Students are encouraged to seek out the Title IX Coordinator directly to make a report or discuss the policy or procedures.

If you would like to discuss a situation confidentially, the following individuals are designated as people on campus you may speak to confidentially: 

  • Mental health counselors at Counseling Services (free of charge and available in emergencies) – (210) 999-7411
  • Health service providers at Health Services – (210) 999-8111
  • The Chaplain – (210) 999-7341

Basic information may be shared confidentially within the University as required to comply with reporting obligations under federal and state law. Basic information that does not identify any person will also be shared in reports on the University’s website in order to comply with the requirements of Texas law.

In addition, off-campus clergy, health and mental health professionals, or rapecrisis counselors may be able to provide confidential assistance. Resources include:

  • The San Antonio Rape Crisis Center – (210) 349-7273
  • Family Violence Prevention Services has a 24-hour domestic violence hotline – (210) 733-8810

Response to Reports of Sexual Misconduct

Trinity will respond to all reports of Sexual Misconduct and will take these incidents seriously. Students have the right to have Sexual Misconduct investigated and resolved through established university procedures. Reports of misconduct by a student will be handled under the Sexual Misconduct Policy. Reports of misconduct by a non-student will be investigated under the appropriate University policy. Support and resources will be offered to the individuals involved.

Students usually have two avenues to consider when reporting sexual misconduct. These options are independent and are not mutually exclusive. The first offers a University process and the second a criminal process. Either, both, or neither may be pursued:

1. A student who wishes to have a complaint reviewed administratively, should contact the Title IX Coordinator (Angela Miranda-Clark, (210) 999-7835 or eos [at]

2. A student who wishes to have a complaint handled criminally should contact the Trinity University Police Department or the local police department where the crime occurred. The Title IX Coordinator or another University staff member is available to assist a reporting student through this process upon request.

Administrative Response

When the university receives a report of an alleged violation of the Sexual Misconduct Policy, the Title IX Coordinator or their designee will contact the person who has reportedly experienced sexual misconduct to make them aware of their rights under the applicable University policy and of resources that are available to them. The student will be asked how they would like the university to respond, and can choose from a range of administrative responses including only accessing resources, informal resolution, and filing a formal complaint. The University will respect their wishes to the extent possible. Under certain circumstances the University may initiate its own formal investigation of instances of sexual misconduct, including to protect the student and/or campus community.