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Preserving Evidence

Individuals who have experienced sexual misconduct are encouraged to preserve evidence to the greatest extent possible. Evidence of a sexual assault and the attacker’s identity may be left on the victim’s body. Therefore, individuals who have experienced sexual assault are encouraged to go to Methodist Specialty and Transplant Hospital Emergency Room at 8026 Floyd Curl Drive, San Antonio, Texas (210-575-8168) for an exam as quickly as possible because the evidence deteriorates quickly and may be important in supporting the sexual assault allegation in criminal or administrative proceedings. It is recommended that a victim of sexual assault not wash in any way until after a special forensic examination is performed. However, even if you believe that too much time has passed for the collection of physical evidence or if you have already washed yourself, the forensic exam may still identify and preserve extremely important evidence such as the information you provide verbally. 

Methodist Specialty and Transplant Hospital Emergency Room is the only local hospital with staff trained and equipped to perform specialized examinations following a sexual assaults, and services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The hospital staff at Methodist Specialty and Transplant Hospital is trained to collect forensic evidence, check for injuries and deal with the possibility of exposure to sexually transmitted diseases. A sexual assault nurse examiner (SANE) is a hospital staff member who handles sexual assault and is specifically trained to: provide comprehensive care to sexual assault survivors, demonstrates competence in conducting a forensic examination, has the ability to testify as an expert witness, and shows compassion and sensitivity to survivors of sexual assault.

Anyone who may have ingested an unknown substance (such as a “date rape” drug) should also be screened as soon as possible, as these substances may quickly leave the blood system.

In addition, you should preserve all other potential evidence such as text or social media messages, emails, phone messages, photos or videos, etc. One way to do this to save this information to the cloud or email it to yourself or a trusted friend. If you do not want your fiend to look at it, you can request that not look at it and/or secure it with the use of a password or encryption.