Medical Plan Options

Trinity University offers several options for Medical care:  Aetna 80 planAetna 70 plan, and  Aetna 70 PPO Plan. Additional information, including premium rates and claim forms, can be found here >>

Dental Insurance

There are two plan options available, Delta Access – an indemnity plan (DPO), and DeltaCare – a dental HMO (DHMO). Dental insurance may be added during any annual open enrollment period or within 30 days of a valid family status change. More information >>

Vision Care

Humana VisionCare Plan offers you and your family a benefit that covers all routine eye care, including eye exams and eyeglasses (lenses and frames) or contacts. The plan features: In-network and out-of-network benefits, Enhanced benefits in-network, and National panel of optometrists and ophthalmologists. More information >>

Life Insurance

UNUM Term life insurance is available to employees at the time of hire. The effective date of the insurance is the first of the month following date of hire. All benefit eligible employees will receive a $10,000 term life policy at no cost. Supplemental insurance is available in the amount 1 to 5 times your annual salary up to a maximum of $600,000 and paid by the employee. Coverage above $365,000 may be limited based on evidence of insurability and guaranteed issue amounts will require that you complete and submit a Medical History form. Dependent life insurance for spouses and dependent children and grandchildren up to age 25 that are full-time students is also available. AD&D may also be purchased for additional life insurance. Employees not enrolling at the time of hire may participate in the program at a later date only with evidence of insurability. For a more comprehensive look at the UNUM plan, including rates, please read the complete plan. UNUM can be contacted either by mail at UNUM, P.O. Box 100158, Columbia, SC 29209-3158 or by phone at 800-421-0344.

UNUM Long Term Disability Insurance

UNUM Disability Insurance -- Disability insurance is available after completing one year of service with Trinity. Employees not enrolling at the time of their one-year anniversary may participate in the program only with evidence of insurability and may enroll only during open enrollment for the next benefit plan year. New employees who were covered under a comparable disability plan with their previous employer are eligible for Trinity's disability insurance immediately. Certification of previous coverage is required and such coverage must have been in force within 3 months of employment with Trinity. For more information read the UNUM Long-Term Disability Plan Document. UNUM can be contacted either by mail at UNUM, P.O. Box 100158, Columbia, SC 29209-3158 or by phone at 800-421-0344.

Disability Insurance Premium Rates Calculations:

  • Annual Salary x 0.00030667 (24 Pay Periods)
  • Annual Salary x 0.00061333 Monthly (12)
  • Annual Salary x 0.00081777 Monthly (9)

Emeriti Health Account

A tax advantaged way for you to invest and accumulate assets exclusively to help meet future retiree medical expenses, with investment choices and administrative services provided by TIAA-CREF.

Trinity University will make an annual contribution for all employees age 40 and over until they resign, retire, or for 25 years, whichever occurs first. You may also opt to set aside a minimum of $5 or more per month through after-tax payroll deduction. Future earnings and withdrawals are not taxable.

To set up your account please contact Emeriti at 1-866-EMERITI (1-866-363-7484).

Dependent Care Account

Trinity University recognizes that many employees are responsible for the care of children up to age 13 or dependents who are no longer capable of caring for themselves. The Dependent Care Assistance Program is designed to assist with the expenses you must pay so that you can work. You may use your TFBP allowance and/or "pre-tax" dollars for this program. More information >>

Parental Leave for Classified and Contract Staff

Trinity University grants twelve weeks of paid parental leave to eligible contract and classified staff, to reflect the belief that the University and the individual staff member both benefit from arrangements that support staff who pursue their careers while raising a family. This leave is designed to provide bonding and adjusting time during the important period following the arrival of their new child for staff members who intend to return to work at the University at the end of the leave. More information >>

Medical Care Reimbursement Account

Employees may also take part in a Medical Spending Account. Participants may elect to deduct up to a maximum of $2,550 per 12 month plan year for the purposes of receiving reimbursement for medical, dental and vision care expenses not covered by insurance. The primary benefit of participating in the program is, deductions are taken on a pre-tax basis allowing for additional tax savings. More information >>

Retirement Program

After 2 years of service and attaining age 21, Trinity employees must begin participation in a retirement program through TIAA-CREF (Teachers Insurance Annuity Association - College Retirements Equities Fund). Trinity contributes 10% of your salary minus any pre-tax deductions for insurance benefits and you contribute a minimum of 3% into the fund(s) of your choice (fixed, variable, or mutual fund). More information >>

Tuition Remission

As a full-time employee, you will be given a 100% remission in tuition, allowable on the basis of one course per semester for undergraduate and graduate courses. Time off from work must be approved by the supervisor and made up at another time. A dependent's tuition remission program is also available to dependents of full-time staff employees. To be eligible for the program, the dependent must be degree-seeking from Trinity University. Details about the tuition remission policy are provided in the Classified Staff and The Faculty and Contract Staff Handbooks. Dependent children may also become eligible for undergraduate tuition exchange after completion of (4) years of service. To view the participating tuition exchange schools please visit Tuition Exchange website.

Voluntary Benefits

Auto, Homeowner's/Renter's Insurance
Employees may purchase Auto, Homeowner's/Renter's insurance through Liberty Mutual on an individual basis. Premium payments may be payroll deducted. Please contact Todd Reus at Liberty Mutual at 210-496-3611 Ext. 59160 or todd.reus [at] to obtain a quote and set up your policy. You may also reach out to Vicky Menchaca at 210-496-3611 Ext. 59166 or vicky.menchaca [at]

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