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Tuition Remission and Educational Programs

Tuition Remission

As a full-time employee, you will be given a 100% remission in tuition, allowable on the basis of one course per semester for undergraduate and graduate courses. Time off from work must be approved by the supervisor and made up at another time. A dependent's tuition remission program is also available to dependents of full-time staff employees. To be eligible for the program, the dependent must be degree-seeking from Trinity University. Details about the tuition remission policy are provided in the Classified Staff and The Faculty and Contract Staff Handbooks. Dependent children may also become eligible for undergraduate tuition exchange after completion of (4) years of service. To view the participating tuition exchange schools please visit Tuition Exchange website.

Training and Continuing Education Opportunities

Through Trinity University's Coates Library and the Center for Learning and Technology, employees have access to online language learning through Mango Languages, technology and software training through LinkedIn learning, and an extensive collection of other hands-on educational resources.

There are also trainings offered to Faculty and Staff by various departments around campus. There is a CPR training offered once a semester through the Office of Environmental Health and Safety (ehs [at] TUPD also offers various trainings throughout the year. Please contact Sergeant Ratliff with inquires (cratliff [at]