Student Programming Board

The Student Programming Board is a University Sponsored student organization responsible for coordinating programming and events for students on campus. These events range from large-scale concerts, to comedian and hypnotist shows, to film screenings, to many more! By programming for the student body, the Student Programming Board hopes to create a fun and exciting campus life for all Trinity students.


The mission of the Student Programming Board (SPB) is to provide entertaining and interactive programs and events. All programs sponsored by the SPB are open to the entire university community.


The vision of SPB is to unify Trinity's community through accessible fun and by upholding campus traditions.

  1. Student Programming Board membership contract for general information.  
  2. SPB Position Descriptions
  3. Director/Accountant Application. Applications due October 27, 2017.
  4. General Board Application. Applications due November 8, 2017.

For more information please email spb [at]

Student Programming Board Events

  • Welcome Week Concert- The concert is SPB’s first major event of the academic year. The concert is held on the baseball field and features a well-known artist. This is a fun and entertaining event to kick off the year!  
  • TigerFest- TigerFest is SPB’s major traditions event of the fall. This dance has been held for years and is a highlight of the fall semester. The theme changes each year and the décor and give-away items for the event match the theme.
  • Destress Fest - Prior to spring finals, SPB hosts a major de-stress event with a petting zoo, massage therapists, food, and fun. The event continues to evolve, so be on the lookout for what SPB will do next to help students unwind! 
  • Chocolate Festival- The Chocolate Festival occurs every February on the Esplanade. The event features free chocolate for all students, staff, and faculty as well as a competition between the student organizations. 
  • Spotlight Talent Show- Spotlight Talent Show is the annual campus wide talent show held during Spring Family Weekend.
  • Additional Events - SPB is always looking for new and exciting events to host. SPB often brings in comedians, spoken word artists, magicians, concerts, trivia, and other events to keep Trinity students entertained. 

Board Members

  • Director - Monty McKeon
  • Membership Chair - Logan Felton
  • Public Relations Chair - Christina Guo
  • Social Media Chair - Anthony Rodriguez
  • Accountant - Magdalena Blancas
  • Spirit Chair - Vacant
  • Outreach Chair - Vacant
  • Assistant Outreach Chair - Vacant
  • Entertainment Chair - Lilian De La Rosa
  • Assistant Entertainment Chair -  Vacant
  • Entertainment Committee - Vacant (Four positions available!)
  • Concerts Chair - Dylan Welling
  • Assistant Concerts Chair - Carmen Johnson
  • Traditions Chair - Oumoul Setamou
  • Assistant Traditions Chair - Meghan Desai
  • Traditions Committee - Vacant (Four positions available!)
  • Adviser - Shannon Edmond, sedmond [at]

Application Information

Application materials

Applications are available each October for members to be selected for the following calendar year. Interviews are offered to the top applicants.
SPB director is selected by the outgoing director and adviser.
All other positions are selected by the incoming director and adviser.