Student Government Association

What is SGA? 

The Student Government Association (SGA) is an organization of elected students, which advocates for the development and advancement of student interests both inside and outside of the University community.  SGA strives for transparency in all of its actions and fiscal allocations while working to support the great diversity of ideas and activities pursued by the student body.  SGA aims to cultivate and maintain positive and informed relationships between the students and the administration, faculty, and staff, ensuring that student interests are represented any time a policy or proposal affecting the student body is introduced. 

SGA Goals

A major goal of SGA is to refocus, adapt, and enhance Trinity as a community by fostering collaboration and by increasing funding to student organizations across campus. In addition, SGA is seeking to aid in creating noticeable improvements to campus life over the coming year, and will be diligently working on parking, dining, and housing issues. All students are invited to contact SGA at sga [at] or attend any of our meetings, scheduled on Monday's at 5:15 p.m. in the Waxahachie Room of the Coates University Center. 

Get involved, get connected, and realize change.


Brenna Hill
bhill2 [at]
Vice President
Shivani Parmar
sparmar [at]
Chief of Staff 
Ryan Hernandez
rhernan6 [at]
Amulya Cherala
acherala [at]
Lizza Vallejo
lvallejo [at]
Nina Tao
jtao [at]
Legislative Relations
Chris Garcia
cgarcia9 [at]

Senators for the Class of 2017
Benjamin Gomez
Kyle Knusten
Nicole Gardini
Brian Goll
Stephen Thai

bgomez [at]
kknutsen [at]
ngardini [at]
bgoll [at]
sthai [at]

Senators for the Class of 2018
Samy Abdallah
Rebecca Andruzzi
Nathan Dullea
Alexander Perkowski
Madeline Sears
sabdalla [at]
randruzz [at]
ndullea [at]
aperkows [at]
msears [at]
Senators for the Class of 2019
Sam Afshari
Emma Birbeck
Elise Hester
Emmanuella Oduguwa
Jacob Sanchez


safshari [at]
ebirbeck [at]
ehester [at]
eoduguwa [at]
jsacnhe6 [at]