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University Sponsored Organizations

University Sponsored Organizations at Trinity University are specifically recognized by the University to advance goals aligned with the University’s mission and values or with purposes set forth in the University’s Statement on the Rights and Responsibilities of Students. Additionally, USOs have broad missions that address the needs of large groups of students. Because USOs support the University’s mission, the University hires full-time professional staff members to advise the groups and assure their sustainability over time. USO operations are funded with annual student activity fee allocations, and USOs receive tax-exempt status and legal protections based on their close relationship with the University.

Student Government Association (SGA) - works for the advancement and development of student interests. 
sga [at]

Graduate Student Association (GSA) - responsible for representing the graduate student voice on campus. 
Trinity-Graduate-Students [at]

Greek Council - oversees all fraternity and sorority organizations.
greekcouncil [at]

Student Programming Board (SPB) - provides free entertaining and interactive programs and events. SPB serves as the central organization for annual campus activities that have been cornerstones of the Trinity experience. 
spb [at]

Trinity Diversity Connection (TDC) - promotes, educates, and advocates for diversity, and serves as a resource to cultural, religious, and under-represented groups on campus. 
tdc [at]

Trinity University Student Ambassadors - acts as spokespeople, tradition-keepers and hosts for the University. 
ambassadors [at]

Trinity University Volunteer Action Community (TUVAC) - facilitates students' giving of time, talent and other resources. 
tuvac [at]