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Annual Registration & Forming a New Student Organization

If there is an interest in creating a student organization that does not currently exist, a group of students may apply to start a new organization during a designated timeframe in either the fall or spring.

Below are the steps to register a student organization at Trinity University in the Fall 2018 semester. Please note that the registration process lasts for the entirety of the fall semester.

  1. January 21 - February 25: Complete the online New Student Organization Application. Additionally, all student groups will be expected to upload a constitution. Please follow this constitution template when creating the constitution. Additionally, student groups will have to submit the names of at least 10 Trinity students who would be members of the organization. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be accepted
  2. March 18 - 28: Interview with a Student Involvement representative. Interviews are contingent on completed application materials and will be offered by the Coordinator for Student Programs.

Based on the completed application materials and interviews, Student Involvement will determine which organizations will become a Registered Student Organization. Notifications will go out April 22. The decisions by Student Involvement are final. These new organizations will be required to then complete the Annual Registration Process (outlined below).

Contact getinvolved [at] or 210-999-7547 for more information or questions.

Annual Student Organization Registration

Annual student organization registration occurs in December each year. Organizations wishing to maintain active status for the next calendar year are REQUIRED to complete the annual registration process. Please see steps below.

Annual registration opens November 30th 2018 and the deadline for completion is Friday, Deecember 14th, 2018.

Maintaining Active Status

By December of each calendar year, student organizations wishing to remain active for the next calendar year are required to complete the following steps:

  1. President must submit an Annual Registration Form on the Presence Software (this form includes a mandatory Anti-Hazing Agreement, constitution submission, faculty or staff adviser selection, and verification that the President has subscribed to the student leader email listserv, TULeadertalk);
  2. President must complete their student organization roster on the Presence Software. Student Organizations are required to have at least 10 members to maintain active status.
  3. Designated officers must view the Risk Management videos and complete the subsequent quizzes, obtaining a score of 70% or higher. Designated officers include President, Vice President, Risk Manager, Social Chair, and Orientation Chair.

All student organizations are required to operate on a calendar year (January-December) and must comply with the procedure as stated in the constitution. Elections must be completed by November of each calendar year.

All organizations are required to submit the most current version of their constitution during the Annual Registration Process in December of each year.