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Student Organizations

From the moment you first step foot onto campus, you will be introduced to the endless ways to step outside the classroom and your comfort zone. 

Find your passion through campus organizations

The Student Involvement offers several student organizations on campus. We encourage students to search for organizations that align with an academic interest, a social interest and new interest. Our office encourages all students to focus on doing a few things really well.

Join an Organization

Current list of active student organizations.

Start an Organization

Apply now to create a student organization.

Student Organization Portal

See student organization events and meeting times.

Obtain the full co-curricular experience

Student Involvement is home to several exciting and engaging events. Through recognizing student organizations and their successes, to hosting student involvement fairs, to assisting student organizations in the execution of their events, Student Involvement wants to ensure that students obtain the full co-curricular experience.

Student Involvement Fair

Find organizations that peak your interest.


Ceremony to recognize the successes of student groups.

Student Organization Events

See what events are happening on campus.

Sustaining Successful Organizations

Should student organizations have any questions pertaining to Student Involvement policies or procedures, this is your one-stop shop. We encourage student organizations to read the Student Organization Handbook or reach out to Student Involvement should there be any questions regarding training, forms, or documents to be completed by their student organization.

Student Organization Handbook

Student organization policies and procedures.


Trainings required for active student organizations.

Forms and Documents

Necessary paperwork to access resources and abide by the policies and procedures.

Advising Student Organizations

Student Involvement is grateful the volunteer role of our faculty, staff, and external advisers in support of student organizations. The health and continued success of all student organizations and the continuance of a vibrant campus life, is in much part due to your relationship(s) with student organization members, student leaders, and student organizations.


Required trainings and documents for Trinity faculty and staff advisers.


Required trainings and information for non-TU employee advisers.


Required trainings and information for Trinity faculty/staff and alumni advisers supporting the fraternity and sorority community.