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Student Organizations

From the moment you first step foot onto campus, you will be introduced to the endless ways to step outside the classroom and your comfort zone. 

The purposes and activities of student organizations at Trinity University are to reflect and complement the institution's academic mission and its intent is to encourage each student's personal development and achievement.

View our complete list of active student organizations to find one that's right for you!


Types of Organizations

University Sponsored Organizations: University Sponsored Organizations (USOs) contribute to the general goals of the University and benefit or serve relatively large numbers of students. University sponsored organizations are required to have a faculty or staff adviser (and in most cases are assigned a full-time professional staff member as an adviser).

Registered Student Organizations: Registered student organizations (RSOs) are established by and for students to experience co-curricular learning while participating in activities that are of interest to each organization. RSOs are voluntary associations of students wishing to pursue a common special interest or engage in social activities. RSOs are required to have a faculty or staff adviser.

Fraternity & Sorority: Fraternities and sororities refer to social Greek-lettered organizations. Membership cannot be held in more than one organization at the collegiate level. These organizations are defined as single sex, selective, and fulfill the Greek pillars of leadership, scholarship, camaraderie, and service. Fraternities and sororities are strongly encouraged to have a faculty or staff adviser, in addition to an alumni adviser.