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The mission of the Trinity University Strengths Team is to contribute to student success by creating opportunities for students to build awareness of their individual strengths, develop them, and integrate them personally and professionally.

What is CliftonStrengths?

The Strengths Team believes in a strength-based approach. We believe your talents make you who you are -- they can help you in the classroom, in your role as a student leader, or even when you apply for jobs and internships. CliftonStrengths is an initiative that helps you identify your talents, and develop them into strengths.

Are you curious to learn about your strengths? Take the inventory (, fill out this form for further training, or contact our CliftonStrengths Team for more information (

The CliftonStrengths team is here to help you unleash your strengths through our programs and initiatives. We are excited for you to start your strengths journey and we hope that you will engage with us and our events throughout the academic year.

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Services we offer

The CliftonStrengths team offers 1:1 strengths mentoring, student leader development, student organization training, online resources, all-campus events, and so much more! Get involved today by filling out this form.

Who we are

Photo of RachelRachel Boaz Toppel

Assistant Director for Residential Education, Residential Life Office
Individualization, Developer, Strategic, Arranger, Responsibility​



Photo of MelanieMelanie Coulson

Assistant Director, Coaching and Advising, Career Services
Empathy, Developer, Connectedness, Relator, Positivity



Photo of BettyBetty Curry

Director for Academic Support, Student Success Center
Adaptability, Input, Intellection, Harmony, Connectedness



Photo of LauraLaura Kalb

Assistant Director, Career Services
Woo, Individualization, Arranger, Belief, Restorative



Photo of HillaryHillary Everts

Assistant Director of Admissions, Admissions
Learner, Positivity, Developer, Connectedness, Includer



Photo of ErinErin Hood

Assistant Director for Experiential Learning-Internships & Course, Experiential Learning
Connectedness, Learner, Input, Context, Relator 



Photo of SierraSierra Williams

Residential Life Coordinator, Residential Life Office
Deliberative, Achiever, Consistency, Responsibility, Restorative



Photo of JessicaJessica Reyes

Student Accessibility Specialist, Academic Support
Intellection, Connectedness, Developer, Input, Learner 



Photo of JamieJamie Thompson

Director of Student Involvement, Student Involvement
Maximizer, Achiever, Discipline, Harmony, Input



Photo of ShannonShannon Twumasi

Coordinator for Student Programs, Student Involvement
Achiever, Developer, Empathy, Includer, Consistency