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Meet the Staff

The spiritual life staff and associated chaplains support student religious organizations, facilitate formal and informal opportunities for exploration of religious belief and practice, and offer spiritual care and counseling.

Spiritual Life Staff

University Chaplain/The Everett H. Jones Chair of Ministry
snickle [at]
Parker Chapel
Head shot of Nelda R. Cortez
Senior Secretary
ncortez [at]
Parker Chapel

Associated Chaplains

The Chaplaincy has welcomed the following people as volunteer Associated Chaplains. Appointed and supported by their own religious organizations, they serve particular religious communities on our campus.

Patrick Farris 
Lead staff for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
patrick.o.farris [at] 

Patrick is excited to serve as the lead staff for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at Trinity University. He has a passion to see students transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ and desires them to experience God by acting on His Word and the teachings of Christ. InterVarsity at Trinity hopes to be a community of students inviting others to experience Jesus on their campus and throughout their city, through the study of the Bible, a commitment to evangelism, and the practice of mission and justice.

Maria Teresa Alva
Catholic Campus Minister

Maria serves as the Catholic Campus Minister at Trinity University. She is a consecrated lay woman and part of a community dedicated fully to the works of evangelization. The members of her community are called Fraternas; they make promises of obedience and celibacy in order to be fully available to God through the evangelization of the culture, the youth and the most needy, wherever He may need them to go. Maria Teresa has previously served in Perú, Ecuador and Chile. As part of her formation she has studied in Theology and Catholic Teaching, and she also holds a degree in Psychology from the University of the Sacred Heart in Lima, Peru. She loves doing all kinds of volunteer work with the homeless, refugees, and elderly, among others. "I love being part of Trinity University's community. I am always praying for you all and I am willing to serve you in any way I can."

Michael Novak
RUF Campus Minister
michael.novak [at] 

Michael serves as the RUF Campus Minister at Trinity University. Michael and his wife, Rachel, are both originally from Memphis, TN. Michael attended the University of Tennessee – the other UT – and Covenant Theological Seminary (MDiv) where he studied the Bible, theology, and counseling. Michael and Rachel have three children, Caleb (born in 2008), Abigail (born in 2010), and Katherine (born in 2012). They enjoy being outdoors, taking visits to the zoo, watching movies, and finding unique restaurants to enjoy a good meal. Michael also enjoys running, golf, and college football.

Alan Yancelson
Directory of Hillel San Antonio
ayancelson [at] 

Alan is the Director of Hillel San Antonio, which serves Jewish students at colleges and universities across San Antonio, including Trinity's Jewish Student Association. Alan is originally from Mexico City and graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a major in marketing and a concentration in Psychology. Alan loves meeting new students and learning more about them. In his free time he likes to play softball and tennis, and spend time with his dog Jimmy.