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Spiritual Life

At Trinity University we are committed to the education of the mind, body, and spirit. We are convinced that the life of faith is too important to simply echo received beliefs. While those beliefs are very important, we hope to nurture a discipline of reflection concerning them that will lead to integrity between the faith that we speak and the lives that we lead.

What inspires you?
What deepest ideals vitalize, engage, or challenge you?
How does your spirituality manifest itself?

How would you respond?

Perhaps there is a rich tradition to describe your spirituality:
    "I am Sikh." "I am Christian." "I am Muslim." "I am Jewish." "I am Hindu."

Perhaps your spirituality would require some qualification of those categories, or perhaps none fit.

Perhaps your response to what is deepest, and purest, and truest in life is something eclectic, unique, simple...

Or perhaps it has been a while - even a lifetime - since you last considered the question.


The mission of the chaplaincy is to lead those who follow Christ, to support those of every faith, and to serve all who call Trinity home.