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Recruitment & Orientation

To help students focus on their academics as they begin college and sufficiently allow students to learn about the University's Greek organizations, Trinity has a deferred recruitment and new member orientation period. We want our students to acclimate themselves to Trinity's academic environment before taking on the responsibilities of membership.

Fraternity & Sorority Recruitment

To learn more, check out the 2019-2020 FSL Recruitment Brochure here.

If you're looking to get involved on campus, explore Fraternity & Sorority Life (FSL)! FSL at Trinity University serves as a home away from home for about 25% of the undergraduate student population. We provide students with opportunities to pursue their passions, develop as leaders, gain career competencies, learn from - and network with - alumni mentors, serve within the Trinity and San Antonio communities, and foster lifelong friendships. Our FSL community is unique and entirely made up of local organizations - in that they were all founded by Trinity students for Trinity students. Our community is values driven, and all 14 organizations are committed to upholding the four pillars that serve as the foundation in all that we do: Scholarship, Service, Camaraderie, and Leadership. What you'll find at Trinity is our organizations don't necessarily fit the general mold of fraternities and sororities nationwide- and we pride ourselves in that! Although recruitment will look different this year due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, to stay engaged and updated, sign up for the recruitment list at and follow Greek Council, Fraternity & Sorority Life's governing body, on instagram (@TrinityGreekLife). Questions or comments? Email Wills Brown, Assistant Director for Fraternity & Sorority Life and Coates Student Center, at wbrown1 [at] To receive invites to both formal and informal organizational events, please sign up for the appropriate Master Recruitment List below:

For the 2019-2020 academic year, a link to our community's recrutiment calendar can be found by accessing the following documents:

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New Member Orientation

New Member Orientation is the period of time between accepting a bid to join a fraternity or sorority and being initiated into the organization. Members are officially recognized by Student Involvement on Bid Day as being part of the organization.There is approximately a three-week maximum on all orientation programs and a nine hours hands-off period during the school week.

A successful New Member Orientation program should include education about the history and values of the organization, foster academic achievement, include educational and developmental workshops, provide opportunities to socialize with other students in the group, and promote positive experiences that are free from hazing. 

Trinity University does not tolerate hazing or violation of any University or Greek Council policies. Any chapter suspected of hazing will be investigated and may face judicial action by the Student Conduct Panel.


Each organization has an alumni and faculty adviser that you can reach out to if you have questions or concerns.

If you see somebody being hazed or if you are being hazed, please talk to someone:

wbrown1 [at] (Wills Brown), Assistant Director, Student Involvement: 210-999-7500

jamie.thompson [at] (Jamie Thompson), Director, Student Involvement: 210-999-8820

dtuttle [at] (David Tuttle), Dean of Students: 210-999-8843

Helpful Anti-Hazing Information

Other Resources