Greek Council

Greek Counsil

Trinity University's Fraternity & Sorority Council Executive Board is the governing body over all registered social fraternities and sororities. These ten elected members serve as leaders of the Fraternity & Sorority community by planning events, setting strategic goals, heading various sub-committees, and reviewing community policies, among other duties.  

The Executive Board also supports organizations as they strive to fulfill our community's commitment to the Standards of Excellence (pdf).  To see the 2015-2016 Standards rankings, please click here. 

Greek Council strives to enhance the quality of campus life in three primary ways:

  • Promoting unity and cooperation among Trinity Greek organizations
  • Fostering communication between Greeks, non-Greeks, faculty, and administration
  • Coordinating and facilitating on and off-campus events

Greek Council is a University Sponsored Organization of Trinity University. Its purpose is to govern and promote the social fraternities and sororities.  The Greek Council Executive Board elections are held in November of each year, with elected members serving a one-year term beginning and ending on Bid Day in February.  Responsibilities of the Executive Board include: meeting with the Fraternity & Sorority Coordinator weekly, leading a general Greek Council president's meeting bi-weekly, and holding weekly office hours.  All active Greek members are encouraged are apply. 

Greek Council is also responsible for overseeing the Fraternity & Sorority Judicial Committee.  Additional information regarding judicial processes and procedures can be found below:

Greek Council members also serve to implement key initiatives identified by a Fall 2015 review of the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS).  Additional information regarding the CAS review process, final report and action steps can be found by visiting the resources below.

Executive Board 2016

Co-Chairs - Rebecca Prager (ΣΘT) and Jake Spitz (ΦΣΧ)
Women's Rush & Orientation Chair - Yvette Pena (ΣΘΤ)
Men's Rush & Orientation Chair - Benjamin Blanke (ΦΣΧ)
Standards Chair - Sara Vivatson (SPURS)
Judicial Chair - Julia Kennedy (ΑΧΛ)
Service Chair - Katie Lumpkin (ΓΧΔ)
Treasurer - Travis Webster-Love (ΩΦ)
Risk Management - Bridget Bey (SPURS)
Secretary - Reann Esparza (ΦΔΚ)