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Blueprint for Fraternities & Sororities

Trinity University is committed to continuing its strong tradition of local fraternities and sororities, which has existed for more than 80 years. 

These social and service organizations have evolved with the changing needs of the times. New organizations have been added, thus broadening the diversity of membership, purpose and opportunities of the fraternity and sorority system. 

The University officers, the Board of Trustees, and the leadership of the National Alumni Association believe that fraternities and sororities add to the richness of the Trinity experience, benefiting not only their respective members but also the University community as a whole. This blueprint provides a basis for the long-term success of social fraternities and sororities on Trinity's campus. 

The overriding objective of this document is to enhance student life at Trinity and to involve alumni to a greater degree in support of student organizations and individual students. Alumni are not only important resources for fraternities and sororities, they can also play a key role in providing mentorships, internships, career networking and other services for our students. 

The Blueprint is a living document, and will continue to be reviewed over time by the various stakeholders, including University leadership, Board of Trustees, and the National Alumni Board. 

Original Charge

"To establish a blueprint for Trinity's fraternities and sororities and the administration that ensures the long term success of social fraternities and sororities on Trinity's campus." 

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The three Implementation Committees, formed in Fall 2013, identified key recommendations which can be accessed below. The National Alumni Board Fraternity & Sorority committee is ongoing and meets three times a year.

"The Student Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees endorses the recommendations for the Blueprint. The Student Affairs Committee and I thank you and everyone else for your hard work on the important initiative." -Michael Fischer, Vice President for Academic & Student Affairs

The National Alumni Board Fraternity & Sorority Committee (formerly know as the Alumni and External Relations Committee) 


In the fall of 2015, a "Blueprint Implementation Committee" was created to ensure these recommendations were, in fact, integrated into the community in a meaningful and effective manner.  The Committee identified a targeted approach to summarize the recommendations and develop a timeline for complete integration.  The document below provides a summary of this Committee's findings: