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Programs and Initiatives

Social Justice Peer Education Program

The Social Justice Peer Education Team engages undergraduate students as peer educators on the outcomes of diversity, inclusion, identity, social justice, and leadership. Peer educators are trained on an ongoing basis to facilitate a variety of workshops for campus partners and student organizations on behalf of the Trinity University Diversity and Inclusion Office.

First Generation Underrepresented Students (FGUS) Program

For first-generation or low-income students, entering college traditionally brings about extra challenges and obstacles. Trinity University is committed to making its "Allies: First-Generation, Under-represented Students" program accessible, welcoming, and supportive for all students and families involved. We define first-generation students as those whose parents or guardians did not receive a bachelor's degree, and low-income students as those who are Pell-Grant eligible.

Trinity Diversity Connection (TDC)

The mission of Trinity Diversity Connection (TDC) is to promote educate, and advocate for diversity and social justice issues on campus.

LGBT Allyship 

We believe in being strong and supportive allies to our LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) students. The LGBT Allies Program is designed to build a network of faculty, staff, and students dedicated to providing advocacy, education, support, and awareness of individuals from the LGBT community and strive to promote a welcoming and inclusive campus at Trinity University. During admissions events, look for faculty and staff allies who wear ally flag stickers.