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What's on TigerTV?

Visit the TigerTV website to watch online and check out these shows in more detail.

Newswave is our basic news format show. We cover local news, international news, sports, entertainment, and even critique recent films. Each semester there are auditions for on-air talent Crew calls for Newswave are Fridays @ 2:30 pm.

Studio 21 is a topical pop-culture oriented show, covering topics like music, memes, books, comics, movies, and anything else, really. The show thrives on the interest and passions of everyone involved. Studio 21 encourages everyone to do, talk, and live what they love. Crew calls for Studio 21 are Tuesdays @ 4:30 pm.

The Not So Late Show is a comedy talk show format. Between interviews with local celebrities, deans of the university, and fellow students and student organizations, students on the Not-So-Late Show produce skits as well as other types of non sequitur content. Crew calls for the Not So Late Show are Thursdays @ 4:30 pm

Contact TigerTV at tigertv [at] for any concerns, comments, suggestions or just if you just want to chat.

Why Volunteer?

Are you a Trinity Student looking for a place to belong? Want to pad your resume, make friends, and be a part of the coolest thing on campus?

TigerTV is a fantastic opportunity for Trinity students. Whether you prefer to work on or off the air, whether you want to have a career in broadcasting or not at all, TigerTV has a place for you! Every week we produce live shows that can be seen in the San Antonio area, as well as many special projects for the Trinity community. TigerTV is a place to make friends and have fun, but also to enhance your resume and (optionally) get college credit!

Get College Credit

TigerTV holds an (optional) internship class every semester for Trinity students where they must participate in production of one of our shows. Participating students will learn as many positions as possible, both on and off the screen. Students must also produce 2 packages (a.k.a news segments) over the course of the semester. The class is worth one credit-hour, and may be taken once a semester for as many times the student prefers.