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Board of Visitors

Have a Game-Changing Project that Needs a Boost?

Is your organization stumped with a recurring vexing problem?  Do you need help launching a plan or even creating a plan?

Trinity's Board of Visitors is a group of committed alumni and business leaders who provide a sounding board for the President and assist the Office of Alumni Relations and Development.  

We want to support a couple of small, scalable projects that make a short-term difference at Trinity.  We are looking to leverage the diverse talents of our Board to help you launch a great idea or project. Think of the Board of Visitors as a consulting group of alumni from diverse backgrounds who can advise you on a concept or idea.  

Examples of projects:

  • Strategic planning for a student organization
  • Brainstorming for the upcoming 150th Anniversary activities
  • Support for University archives to better showcase alumni and school history
  • Launching a world-wide Tiger Pride Day
  • Engaging more alumni in the work of Career Services
  • Business leader input into a student leadership development program
  • Brainstorming the use of digital technology to supplement on-campus residential programming
  • Creating a travel program for alumni and friends
  • Feedback on University’s relations with surrounding neighborhood
  • Advice on corporate involvement and support with athletics program
  • Review and advice on how to expand summer internships for students

Submission Criterion

  • Why?  Reasons why your idea needs to happen.
  • Who?  Description of your team behind the idea.
  • What?  Nature of your project
  • How?  Early ideas on how your idea might happen.
  • When?  Timeline you have in mind to plan and implement
  • How much?  What are the cost estimates for your project or idea?  We have up to $5,000 to invest in your project. 
  • Outcome?  How will the impact of your project be measured and how will you know if the desired impact is achieved?  

Submit Your Project

If you have an idea, please consider submitting it to us by October 12, 2016. If you’re a student organization, please indicate on your submission that your faculty member adviser is aware of this proposal submission.

Submit all projects to alumni [at]

Meet the Board

  • Lyn H. Belisle
  • Sardar  Biglari
  • James M. Blakemore
  • Thomas E. Evans
  • Homero R. Garza
  • Charles L. Gottsman
  • Marshall  Hess
  • William C. Huber
  • Victoria  Jennings
  • Peter Louis Jennings
  • Christopher M. Kinsey
  • Carolyn H. Labatt
  • Todd  McCracken
  • David  McGanity
  • Lawrence P. Moon
  • Heather M. Morlang Pummill
  • Linda Tarpley Peterson
  • Donald R. Philbin
  • William D. Rasco
  • Christine C. Renier
  • Katharine C. Schlosberg
  • Cynthia L. Schluter
  • Robert N. Shaw
  • Sebastien  Solar
  • Polly  Spencer
  • Barbara Anne  Stephens
  • Scott G. Walker
  • Lora K. Watts
  • Philip A. Wetz