Note on electronic forms:

Please fill out all forms on your computer before printing, so as to minimize any chances of legibility issues. In order for the form links to work, you must be signed into your Trinity Google (T-Mail) account. 

Signing Forms for Approval:

In the event that obtaining an approval signature in ink is unreasonably difficult due to time or logistical constraints, an e-mail approval is acceptable. The approval should be printed and attached to the documentation. Should a department Chairperson/Director/Manager delegate someone else in the department to sign on their behalf, documentation of such appointment should be submitted to the FSC and the designee should sign their name and then “For (Chair/Director Name)”.

The department is responsible for submitting documentation with the necessary intra-departmental approvals. Once paperwork is received, FSC will obtain any additional required approvals, such as Vice President.


Payment Request Form

New in January 2018: Use this form to request a payment for goods or services when there is not an invoice (invoice payments utilize the invoice stamp). For example, honorarium, business expense reimbursements for employees, guests/business partners, and candidates. This form shall be used for all fund types, including sponsored projects (grant funded accounts) with the exception of student organizations (who will continue to use their current form). This form replaces use of the Requisition form for all payments - the Requisition form shall be used only to request Purchase Orders and Blanket Purchase Orders.

Additional Information:

  • Tip: When requesting multiple payments to Trinity students or employees for the same business purpose, you may batch the request by filling out only one Payment Request form and attaching the list of names and ID numbers to the form.
  • Object Code expanded descriptions.
  • Whenever possible, please submit Payment Requests two weeks before the payment is required.
  • Accounts payable processes checks on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Invoice Stamp

New in January 2018: An invoice stamp will be provided to all departments, please contact the FSC if you need one for your department. The stamp is to be used in lieu of the Payment Request Form when the payee provides an invoice - reducing the amount of paperwork to be done. Simply stamp a blank area of the invoice, and include all relevant information (such as BPO/PO number when applicable, GL number, Amount, Approval Signatures). You may stamp multiple times for multiple account allocations. Be sure to add a brief business description if the invoice is unclear (for example, use of acronyms that are not understandable, or use of highly technical language).

Requisition Form

Use this form to request an order for goods or services (Purchase Order - PO) or to request a Blanket Purchase Order (BPO).

Additional Information:

  • A requisition is required for any purchase exceeding $5,000.
  • A p-card is the preferred method of payment for purchases of goods and services below $5,000, unless the vendor does not accept p-cards.
  • A requisition is required for all Capital Equipment purchases, regardless of the amount.

Budget Adjustment Form

Use this form to request a transfer of funds from one or more budget account(s) to one or more other budget account(s). The transfer can be temporary (this fiscal year only) or permanent.

Cash Transmittal Form

Otherwise known as the Deposit Form, this form is used to indicate the budget accounts, reason, and fiscal year for which cash or check deposits will be applied. This form must be used when reimbursing Trinity for any improper purchases made on a p-card. Please print three copies, and submit to the FSC for processing with the check securely attached. If cash is being deposited, please hand carry the form and cash to the FSC.

Mileage Reimbursement Form 2017
Mileage Reimbursement Form 2018

Fill out this form when requesting reimbursement for local business mileage. Private car mileage reimbursement for travel should be requested on the Travel Expense Report form. According to the IRS, the mileage rate for business is based on an annual study of the fixed and variable costs of operating an automobile, including depreciation, insurance, repairs, tires, maintenance, gas, and oil.

Additional Guidelines:

  • If odometer readings were not recorded by the traveler, a Google Map printout with the route taken and number of miles may be attached to the form. "Beginning Reading" on the form would be zero, and the number of miles driven per Google Maps would be the "Ending Reading".
  • Mileage for business should be recorded as the distance from Trinity to the destination and back. You may request mileage from your residence to the destination and back only if your residence is closer to the destination than is Trinity.
  • You may not request reimbursement for gas if you are request for mileage.

Mileage Reimbursement for Moving Expenses Form 2017
Mileage Reimbursement for Moving Expenses Form 2018

If you are a new employee with a moving expense allowance, fill out this form when requesting reimbursement for mileage related to your move. According to the IRS, the rate for moving expenses is based on the variable costs of operating an automobile, such as gas and oil. Mileage may be submitted for one personal vehicle per employee. 

Missing Receipt Form

Use this form as a substitute for a receipt only after all other methods of obtaining a copy of the receipt from the vendor have been exhausted.

Card Application

Use this form when requesting to become a new cardholder in the Trinity Purchasing Card program, Travel Card program, or both. 

P-card Journal Entry Request Form

Use this form to request an account correction for any p-card transaction that has posted to the wrong budget account or object code. Note: This form does not support credits/refunds nor splits: If you need to request a Journal Entry for a credit/refund or that splits a single transaction between multiple accounts and/or object codes, contact your FSC representative directly rather than completing this form.

P-card Receipt Cover Sheet

This cover sheet form with approval signature is required by the Grants office to accompany all p-card receipts charged to grant funded accounts. If desired, use this form as a cover sheet to attach to any other p-card receipts submitted to the FSC.

eTAAR - Travel Authorization and Advance Request (electronic version)

The University no longer supplies triplicate carbon-copy TAAR forms. Use this electronic version instead. Simply fill out the form on your computer, print & obtain signatures, and submit to FSC. Once processed, FSC will inform you of the Control Number for the trip as well as the due date for the expense report.

Travel Expense Report

Use this excel report to list, reconcile, and request reimbursement for travel expenses. All substantiating documentation, such as the original receipts for which reimbursement is being requested, should be stapled to and submitted with the expense report.

Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Form

Trinity University, as an educational institution, is exempt from sales and use taxes in the state of Texas. If requested by a vendor, fill out and provide them with this form. 

Trinity W-9 Form

If you are billing an outside entity and they request a W-9 form from Trinity, provide them with this pre-filled form. 

006 Equipment Transaction Form

Complete and submit this form to the Business Office if you need to move office furniture or equipment from one location to another.