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Service Requests (Work Orders)

The Facilities Services Department provides the following services via our Service Center: appliance maintenance and repair, carpentry services, custodial and other housekeeping services, delivery and package pick-up services, electrical maintenance and repair, elevator maintenance and repair, support services for T-Space approved events, glass/window repair, air conditioning and heating maintenance and repair, key control and locking system maintenance and repair, landscaping services and grounds maintenance, water feature maintenance and repair, lighting maintenance and repair, painting services, pest control services, plumbing maintenance and repair, recycling and waste disposal services, tree maintenance and services, vehicle maintenance and repair, and other general maintenance of campus facilities. Other services may be provided at the discretion of the director of Facilities Services.

Departments and individuals are encouraged to report maintenance needs and request support services in accordance with the following procedures.

The Service Center receives approximately 14,000 requests annually. In order to maintain control of these requests, the Facilities Services Department uses a computerized work order system, SchoolDude Maintenance Direct. SchoolDude also includes an online portal,, to allow the campus community to report and track service requests using their short T-Mail address (example: username [at] To obtain the required organization number and case-sensitive password, please contact the Service Center.

For fastest service, it is recommended that service requests be submitted via the online portal. Service requests may also be submitted via telephone or e-mail to the Service Center. You should be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Your contact information (full name, email, phone number)
  • Location (building, floor, room number/area)
  • Type of problem

NOTE: For requests for moving equipment or furniture and for requests for support services for events, please see the appropriate section below for required forms and procedures. Requests submitted directly to the Service Center, without regard to the required approvals, will not be accepted.

  • Detailed description of your problem or request 
  • (Optional) Time available for maintenance (for example, when the space is not in use)
  • (Optional) Requested completion date (if applicable)
  • (Optional) Up to two attachments (diagrams, photographs, etc.)

The Service Center is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., except on University holidays. After business hours and on weekends, please contact the Trinity University Police Department at 210-999-7070 for emergency service requests. Requests and inquiries are prioritized by the Service Center as follows:

  1. emergency service requests
  2. routine service requests
  3. status inquiries about service requests

Requests for moving equipment or furniture:

To relocate, move, or remove existing equipment, furniture, and other University assets: Fill out an Equipment Transaction Form (TU Form No. 006). Send or fax (210-999-8090) the completed form to the Inventory Coordinator at the Business Office. The Inventory Coordinator will forward the form to the Service Center on the requester’s behalf. Requests for moving equipment or furniture not sent by the Inventory Coordinator will not be scheduled for service. For more information regarding university assets, please refer to the Property Management and Control policy.

Requests for support services for events:

Resources for all campus events are scheduled from approved reservations made through T-Space. Please be sure to allow adequate time for the scheduler to process and forward requests to the Service Center when planning your event. Requests for resources for events not approved through T-Space and/or sent by the scheduler will not be accepted. For more information about scheduling events with T-Space, please refer to the T-Space website.

To schedule and request resources for a campus event:

Submit your event requests through T-Space, including resources and set up instructions by using the listed items or the comments box on the online request form. Be sure to include items such as custodial services, air conditioning/heating requests (especially if you are expect the space to be at capacity), special electrical needs, and requests for tables, chairs, waste and recycling receptacles, etc. Please be sure to include specific set-up instructions and diagrams, when appropriate. The T-Space scheduler will coordinate with the Service Center for the requested resources and services on the requester’s behalf once the event is confirmed.

For changes/revisions to an existing event reservation:

Please contact the T-Space scheduler listed on your event confirmation for changes to your requested resources. The T-Space scheduler will forward the completed/updated reservation information to the Service Center for processing and scheduling. It is very important to reference your T-Space Reservation number (example: 2015-AAAAA) along with your changes.