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Mail & Package Processing

The Mail Center processes mail and packages Monday - Friday, Saturdays we are closed, for students, departments, faculty and staff, as well as special mailing services for University departments requesting assistance with their mail.

Mail Processing

Inbound Mail
Incoming mail is delivered by the United State Postal Service (USPS) Monday-Saturday excluding holidays. First Class mail (letters/flats) and Third Class mail (periodicals, magazines, newspapers, etc.) is sorted by department and student mailbox number within the Mail Center. Once the sort is complete, mail is distributed into departmental mailboxes and student mailbox carrels. Other USPS special services (i.e. Certified, Express, Delivery Confirmation) are handled according to the package process.

Outgoing Mail
Outgoing Mail consists of letters, parcels and special service mail.  Mail is metered daily and picked up by the USPS postal carrier picks at the end of each business day. When possible, the Mail Center utilizes a presort vendor to expedite U.S. Mail more efficiently through the USPS mail system.  This allows departments to take advantage of postage discounts, as well.

When the Mail Center is closed, a U.S. Postal Service Collection box (Blue) is conveniently located right outside of the Coates Student Center. The U.S. Mail is collected at 5 p.m daily.

The USPS provides valuable information on their products and services.  You can send mail and packages to domestic and international destinations.  Listed below are some of the other services they provide:

  • Find zip codes
  • Change your address online
  • Track and confirm USPS packages/shipments
  • Calculate postage for domestic and international packages

Package Processing

Packages consist of parcels, large mail items, and any mail piece with a tracking number. Once packages are received, items are scanned into an internal tracking system that provides package notification and delivery confirmation.

After a package is scanned into the tracking system, a notification email is sent to the package recipient, and a notification slip is placed in the department's or student's mailbox. To pick up a package, an individual will need to bring the the following to the Mail Center front window:

  • TigerCard or a picture ID

Individuals will sign for the package upon receipt, and another email will be sent to the recipient confirming the package has been picked up at the Mail Center.

Bulk Mail Processing

The Mail Center provides special mailing services for University departments requesting assistance with their mail. There are costs involved with these mailing services, but the Mail Center provides competitive pricing.  Services range from simple folding, inserting, and metering to complex jobs with inkjeting, labeling and address list management — all of which can be used to achieve maximum postage discounts and expedite mailings more efficiently.

There are many phases of work required to complete each job.  All mailings vary in work and size, and require special mail handling and preparation.  Each job is scheduled on the production calendar to ensure that the mailings meet expected timeline and target dates. 

Once the mailings are complete, the mail is taken directly to the Post Office and the mail is presented with paperwork to the U.S. Post Office.  The Mail Center processes many specialized Bulk Mail jobs/mailings for departments throughout campus.  All non-profit mailings are sent via Standard Mail, and all other mailing are sent First Class Mail. The Mail Center processes the following types of mail:

  • Letters, Flats, etc. (flyers, pamphlets, etc.)
  • Post Cards
  • Periodicals (newspapers, publications, etc.)

Each mailing that is completed requires mail preparation and documentation before being delivered to the U.S. Post Office.  Mail and paperwork must be presented to the USPS Bulk Mail Entry Unit (BMEU) for mail piece verification, clearance and approval.

The Mail Center staff also provides a variety of fulfillment services. Listed below are few of them:

  • Address and List Management (or address formatting)
  • Inkjet Services (spray addresses and barcodes)
  • Other Services (folding, Inserting, etc.)

All of these types of mailings must be scheduled and coordinated with the Mail Center team.  This allows us to review your special mailing(s) and determine what type of work and time will be required to complete the job or assignment.

In addition, this will enable us to plan, prepare and schedule the job on the Bulk Mail calendar. This will also enable us time to:

  • Coordinate the mailing and obtain the materials for the job
  • Assess time involved to complete work along with mail preparation
  • Schedule the job to ensure your mailings meet timelines

Note: A Mail Center Special Request Form must be completed for each special bulk mail job. Also, the materials (envelopes, letters, etc.) must accompany the job.

Our main goal and objective is to ensure that we meet departments’ mailing needs and requirements.

The Mail Center provides Bulk Mail consultation services. The Mail Center team provides expertise and mailing advice for any special mailing or project.