Safety Records System

Records System 

In order to comply with federal, state and local requirements, and to identify and correct hazardous conditions and practices, the following reports and records are to be maintained. 

1. Records Maintained by Department 

  1. University Health Services 
    1. Student injury, illness and health history 
    2. Employee injury and illness records if treated or advised of the incident 
  2. Office of Human Resources 
    1. Worker's Compensation records 
    2. OSHA records 
    3. ADA compliance records 
    4. Employee training records 
  3. Physical Plant Office 
    1. Inspection records 
    2. Department safety records 
    3. Records of complete safety-related work orders
    4. PCB records 
    5. Asbestos records 
    6. Pesticide records
  4. Environmental Health & Safety 
    1. Inspection and audit records 
    2. Accident investigation records 
    3. Safety procedures and practices from departments 
    4. Records concerning safety procedures and regulation developed by Environmental Health & Safety 
    5. Workplace Chemical lists 
    6. Hazardous materials inventories 
    7. Univeristy MSDS records 
    8. Identification of a Chemical Hygiene Officer 
    9. Development of a Chemical Hygienic Plan 
    10. U.S. Department of Environmental Protection Small Quantity Hazardous Waste Generator registry # (EPA) TXD 9808-10881, Texas Department of Health (TDH) registry #69129
    11. Industrial Alcohol Use Permit #A-3241-01
  5. Individual Departments (where applicable) 
    1. Department safety records (inspections, accidents) 
    2. Department training records 
    3. Records of safe practices and procedures 
    4. MSDSs and chemical inventories where applicable (copies to be forwarded to the Director, Environmental Health & Safety) 
  6. Risk Manager 
    1. Insurance Records 
    2. Incidents and accident claim records

2. Records Maintained by University Committees 

  1. Safety, Security and Health Committee 
    1. Recommendations 
    2. Audit Records 
    3. Safety Analysis records 
  2. Institutional Bio-Safety Committee 
    1. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services - National Institute of Health (HHS-NIH) guidelines 
    2. University bio-safety and laboratory regulations and practices 
    3. Archival files of research submitted to and considered by the IBC I
  3. Animal Research Committee 
    1. U. S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Public Health Service and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services guidelines. 
    2. University guidelines for care and handling of animals
    3. Archival files of research submitted to and considered by ARC 

3. Safety-Related Licenses and Registrations

Copies of these licenses are maintained in Environmental Health & Safety) 

  1. Biology Department 
    1. Texas Department of Health Radioactive Material License #L01668, Amendment #12 
    2. Drug License - Biology Department DEA PEO217097, DPS 60049876 and DEA PEO126068, DPS JOO40282
    3. Animal Welfare Assurance #A-3241-01 
  2. Physical Plant Office 
    1. Texas Department of Agriculture applicator's license #N-4099
    2. City of San Antonio Swimming Pool License #3443 
  3. Food Service 
    1. Health Department Certificates 
    2. City of San Antonio Food Establishment License

Central Injury Reports by Category 

Injury/Illness Reports

By Environmental Health & Safety to University Health Services, the Office of Human Resources, and Risk Management.

Analysis of Central Injury Reporting Records

Environmental Health & Safety and Risk Management