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Injury/Illness Reporting Policies and Procedures

If you are an Employee or Student Worker, and a work-related injury occurs at work:

  1. Immediately notify your supervisor so they can complete the Supervisor's Report of Injury Form.
  2. The supervisor should send the employee to Health Services for the injury/illness as soon as possible. 

To protect your right to Workers' Compensation Coverage you must, within 24 hours or the first working day complete the Supervisor's Report of Injury Form.

If you are a Student, and an injury or illness occurs during classrooom instruction:

  1. Notify your instructor immediately.
  2. Instructor/Administrator must contact Trinity University Police Department at 210-999-7000, who will generate a report and determine course of action taken (i.e. treatment or transportation method for treatment and care).
  3. Instructor/Administrator must complete and submit Student's Injury & Illness Report Form.

Note: In order to access the online version of the Supervisor's Report of Injury and Student's Injury & Illness Report Form, you will be asked to sign in using your Tmail Username and password. If you are signed into any gmail account other than the Tmail account assigned by Trinity University, errors may occur.