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Van Driver Check-Ride


To establish standard operating procedures for the operation of Trinity University “pool vehicles” to promote safety, prevent injuries and property damage.


A pool vehicle is defined as an 11-person (1 driver, 10 passenger) van. The certification process engages the following departments, in this order: Risk Management, Environmental Health and Safety, and Facilities Services. All personnel must follow each step to become certified.

"Check-rides" are conducted on the *first and third Wednesday* of every month from 8:30am-11:30am, and are first come-first serve. Please report to the Department of Environmental Health and Safety, located on the second floor of the Facilities Services Building.

Authorization Procedures

How do I become authorized to drive a Van?

  1. Become an “Authorized Driver” through the Risk Management Department by clicking here.
  2. After you have been authorized, complete the online SafeColleges Course entitled 15-Passenger Van Safety. Please note that you will only be driving 11-passenger vans owned by Trinity. 
  3. Once you have passed the training with 90% or better, you are now eligible for a check ride. A check-ride consists of you driving the 11-passenger van and applying what you learned in the online course. Register for a check ride by clicking here.
  4. Upon completion of check-ride, Environmental Health and Safety will issue you a Van-Driver Card. The Van-Driver Card must be on-hand to check-out and operate the vehicle. You must login to T-SPACE by clicking here, and using the reservation system to place a vehicle reservation.

Your Van-Driver certification is tied to your Authorized Driver status. Contact the Risk Management Department if an accident occurs; van-driver training must be repeated or by nature of losing your Authorized Driver status. If you are unsure of your Authorized Driver status, click here.