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Indoor Air Quality


Trinity University Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) has developed this Program to establish standard procedures for the management of indoor air quality (IAQ) concerns.

Reporting Procedures

IAQ concerns that pose an immediate threat to personal health and safety must be reported to Trinity University Police at 210-999-7000 or dial 911.

Physical Discomfort

Contact Facilities Services or submit a work order for the following concerns:

  • Temperature or humidity concerns.

  • Particulates or dirt coming from HVAC ventilation.

  • Pressure balance concerns.

Odor Concerns

  • Contact Facilities Services for odors associated with musty, fishy, rotten egg, or sewer odors..

  • Contact EHS for unusual or abnormal odors (e.g. chemicals, spills, hazardous materials), or for odors that cannot be identified by Facilities Services.

Mold Concerns

  • Contact EHS when there is a concern of mold or visible coverage without an obvious source.  

Click here to read the Indoor Air Quality Program in its entirety.