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Automatic External Defibrillator Information

The Automated External Defibrillator Incident Form, must be completed IMMEDIATELY after use of an AED. An original copy must be sent to the University Environmental Health & Safety Department within 1 business day. 

Campus A.E.D. Locations: 

  • Marrs McLean 1st Floor Lobby 
  • Cowles Life Science 2nd Floor 
  • Dicke Art/Smith Music 1st Floor Lobby 
  • Halsell Building 1st Floor 
  • Center for the Sciences and Innovation (CSI) 2nd Floor
  • Storch 1st Floor 
  • Stieren Theater 2nd Floor 
  • TUPD Patrol Vehicle 
  • Environmental Health & Safety Office 
  • Northrup Hall 1st Floor Foyer 
  • Holt Center 1st Floor (near elevator) 
  • Coates Student Center Foyer 
  • Admissions 1st Floor Lobby 
  • Laurie Auditorium 3rd Floor East (near elevator) 
  • Coates Library 3rd Floor (near circulation desk) 
  • Physical Plant Garage 
  • Mabee Dining Hall 1st Floor 
  • Bell Center Outside Student Desk 
  • Bell Center Athletic Trainers