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Curriculum Schedule: Pathways Curriculum

Under the Pathways curriculum (class of 2019 and after), the engineering science program requires a minimum of 129 hours including courses that satisfy ABET criteria and courses from the first-year experience, the interdisciplinary cluster, and the core capacities. The following tables can also be accessed via Google Drive.

First Year

GNED 1600 First Year Experience
ENGR 1381 Engineering Analysis and Design I
MATH 1311 Calculus I
PHYS 1311 Introduction to Mechanics
PHYS 1111 Introduction to Mechanics Laboratory
Total: 16 Hours
ML&L 2301 Foreign Language
ENGR 1382 Engineering Analysis and Design II
ENGR 1313 Mechanics I
MATH 1312 Calculus II
PHYS 1312 Electricity, Magnetism and Waves
PHYS 1112 Intermediate Physics Laboratory
Total: 16 Hours

Sophomore Year

ENGR 2314 Mechanics II: Dynamics
ENGR 2181 Design III
ENGR 2320 Electric Circuits
ENGR 2120 Electric Circuits Laboratory
MATH 3316 Differential Equations and Linear Algebra
CHEM 1318 Chemistry in the Modern World
CHEM 1118 Intro. to Analytical Methods Laboratory
Total: 15 Hours
ENGR 2311 Mass and Energy Balances
ENGR 2182 Design IV
ENGR 2364 Electronics I
ENGR 2164 Electronics I Laboratory
MATH 2321 Calculus III
CSCI 1312 Intro. to Programming for Engineers
3 HOURS Interdisciplinary Cluster #1*
Total: 17 Hours

Junior Year

ENGR 3181 Design V
ENGR 3327 Thermodynamics
ENGR 3355 Control Systems
ENGR 3155 Control Systems Lab
MATH 3320 Probability and Statistics
3 HOURS Interdisciplinary Cluster #2*
3 HOURS Elective*
Total: 17 Hours
ENGR 3182 Design VI
ENGR 3323 Fluid Mechanics
ENGR 3123 Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
MATH 3357 Partial Differential Equations
ENGR 2309 Professional Practice
3 HOURS Interdisciplinary Cluster #3*
3 HOURS Elective*
Total: 17 Hours

Senior Year

ENGR 4382 Design VII
ENGR 4326 Heat Transfer
ENGR 4126 Heat Transfer Laboratory
ENGR 4341 Engineering Materials
3 HOURS Social/Behavioral Sci (Approach)*
3 HOURS Elective*
Total: 16 Hours
ENGR 4382 Design VIII
3 HOURS Math/Science Elective*
3 HOURS Humanities (Approach)*
3 HOURS Elective*
3 HOURS Elective*
Total: 15 Hours

Total Credit Hours: 129

* can be taken any semester

Note: does not show pre/co-requisites