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Student Conduct

Trinity University offers a safe environment for students to learn—by experience—about their decisions, actions, and their consequences. Trinity University’s policies are intentionally simple: Students are expected to follow the law, take responsibility for their actions, and show respect for self, others, the University and broader community, and property.

As members of the University community, students willfully consent to following policies and procedures as outlined by Trinity University.

Student Handbook

Assembled by the Division of Student Affairs, the digital Student Handbook presents the statements guiding the Trinity University community and provides a compendium of the significant policies and procedures related to student life on campus. Take time to familiarize yourself with these important documents.

Student Conduct Board

In order to maintain a respectful, responsible University environment Trinity University has set conduct guidelines. The Student Conduct Board, a board made up of eight members from Trinity's student body, hears alleged violations against Trinity's Standards of Conduct. The Student Conduct Board has authority to determine responsibility based upon the results of investigations and/or hearings and to impose appropriate sanctions.

Contact Information

Presider Phone E-Mail
Barbara Berkova (co-chair)  832-215-1405 bberkova [at] trinity [dot] edu
Sara Miller (co-chair)  505-263-8152 smiller7 [at] trinity [dot] edu
Ashwin Adivi  210-617-8830 aadivi [at] trinity [dot] edu
Hannah Clark  512-917-2588 hclark [at] trinity [dot] edu
Aileen Domann  503-729-7942 adomann [at] trinity [dot] edu
Adam Lallani  832-495-5313 alallani [at] trinity [dot] edu
Franz Liebster  281-236-0737 fliebste [at] trinity [dot] edu
Rebecca Schauer  713-419-3592 rschauer [at] trinity [dot] edu


David M. Tuttle (Advisor)
Associate Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students 
dtuttle [at] trinity [dot] edu

Clara C. Wells
Chair, Conduct Review Board

cwells1 [at] trinity [dot] edu

Send all Student Conduct correspondence to: 
Student Conduct
One Trinity Place, #40 
San Antonio, TX 78212-7200