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Student Organizations using the Holt Center

  • You must have a sponsor in attendance during your entire event. 
  • In the “comments” section of the T-Space request – please note the name of the adviser and his/her contact information.
  • The Portable Bar located in the small dining room is off limits to student organizations unless ARAMARK is catering and they have permission to use it. 
  • Your group will utilize only the space that has been approved for your use. 
  • Under no circumstances will you disturb the office desk at the main entrance off the parking lot. The kitchen (room 118), board room (room 116) and the copier area (Room 115) are off limits to all attendees. The only exception for the kitchen is if you need to obtain ice from the ice machine. You will need to bring your own containers for the ice. The items in the refrigerators, kitchen drawers, and cabinets are also off limits. 
  • The 2nd floor foyer off of the elevator is not space that can be reserved and cannot be used for meetings or gatherings of any kind. 
  • If your organization changes the set up in any of the meeting rooms/areas that you have been assigned, your group is responsible for returning the rooms/areas to the original configuration before your organization departs the Holt Center. If you wish to change the configuration of any of the rooms, please send a service request/work order to Facility Services at least one week in advance including that information on the original T-Space Request confirmation number. If your group will not be resetting the room(s) to their original configuration at the conclusion of your event, you must also request that Facility Services reset the room to its original configuration after the event.  Failure to do so may result in limited access to the Holt Center for your group in the future.
  • Food service arrangements must be made with ARAMARK’s Catering Department (x8416) – the Catering Director is Mario Guerrero. These arrangements should be made at least two to three weeks in advance of the event. Please note that Trinity’s agreement with ARAMARK prohibits bringing in food from an outside vendor.
  • Room 100 (large dining room) is usually set with six round tables (eight chairs per table), and the Room 101 (small dining room) is kept empty of furniture and is usually used for food service. Furniture in the Holt Center Foyer cannot be moved without permission of Conference staff.
  • If your group requires audiovisual equipment (overhead projectors, flipcharts, vcrs, etc), that equipment will need to be ordered through the Center for Learning Technology (CLT).
  • If your event does not occur during the normal operating hours of the Holt Center, the office manager will set the building to open and close according to the hours you have indicated on your t-space reservation. Your faculty sponsor should be present when the building is opened and should remain through the entire event. Also, should your event end before the scheduled time please call the Trinity University Police Department at x7070 to lock the building. The Holt Conference Center should not be left unattended at any time.
  • Your group/organization faculty sponsor must be present the entire time during your event. Security will not allow your group access to the building if your sponsor is not present. No exceptions will be made to this policy.

Should you need additional information or if we can be of assistance, please call our office.

Violation of any of the above policies will result your group/organization not being able to reserve the Holt Center for any function for one year from the date of the incident.