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Departmental Awards

Every year the Computer Science Department makes a number of awards to students:

Babbage-Lovelace Award

The Charles Babbage – Ada Lovelace Computing Award, named after the nineteenth-century researchers who developed the Difference and Analytic Engines and are hence the pioneers of the modern era of computing. is presented to a senior or seniors in recognition of superior achievement in academic and community computer-related activities;


Year Award Winner(s)
2019 Morgan King and Caleb Escobedo
2018 Mary Yang
2017 Andrew Leeds and Kylie Moden
2016 Zachary Conner and Kathleen Fisher
2015 Irene Fan and Thomas Witecki
2014 Rosemary Steup and Katherine Kroll
2013 Christopher Jenkins and Hai Duong
2012 Kerry Seitz
2011 Elise Thrasher and Cameron Swords
2010 Matt Maly
2009 Rebecca Ingram
2008 Phillip Coleman
2007 Alexander Starche
2006 Brandon Kerr and Daniel Wilson
2005 Scott Schwartz
2004 John Papazian
2003 Alexander Kolliopoulos
2002 Matthew Dillard
2001 Griffin Knodle
2000 Scott Schaefer
1999 Ming Chui
1998 Dan Cornell
1997 Tyler Thompson
1996 John Pair
1995 Brita Munsinger and Robert Hough
1994 Daniel Smith
1993 Aurorita Abella
1992 Dennis Holmes
1991 Jeff Emrick
1990 Monica Wiseman
1989 Michael Sharp
1988 Scott Decker
1987 Sandip Amin
1986 Eric Shade
1985 Neal Pape
1984 Suzanne Forbis
1983 Wesley Hardell
1982 Karen Pilarczyk
1981 Paul Newman
1980 Thomas Bernhard
1979 Gary Archer
1978 James Markel

Outstanding Senior and Junior Research Awards

Not awarded every year, these honors are given to recognize one or more seniors and juniors who have particularly distinguished records of Computer Science research.

Senior Research Award

Year Award Winner(s)
2019 Kayako Yamakoshi and Arthur Feeney
2018 Charles Stein, Nicholas Samoray, and Samuel Ang
2017 Evan Cofer
2016 Jacob Luber
2015 (no award)
2014 Rosemary Steup
2013 Valeri Alexiev
2012 Ryan Tanner
2011 Cameron Swords
2010 Matthew Maly
2009 Jason Leezer
2008 Michael Pellon

Junior Research Award

Year Award Winner(s)
2019 Reanna Lauritsen
2018 Arthur Feeney
2017 Alexander Hansen
2016 Evan Legros
2015 Jacob Luber
2014 Corey Fisher
2013 (no award)
2012 (no award)
2011 Kristen Lund
2010 Cameron Swords
2009 Matthew Maly
2008 Jason Leezer

Mach Research Fellowship

Mach fellowships, endowed by alumnus Steven Mach (Trinity
1992), provide funding to rising seniors in STEM fields for use
in research or scholarly activity during their senior year. One
Mach Fellow nomination is permitted per department, from which
a University-wide committee makes final selections.

Year Award Winner(s)
2018 (no award)
2017 Samuel Ang
2016 Evan Cofer
2015 Jacob Luber
2014 Corey Fisher
2013 (no award)
2012 Christopher Jenkins
2011 Kerry Seitz
2010 Cameron Swords
2009 Matthew Maly
2008 Jason Leezer