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Tigers as Partners

 What is it?

Tigers as Partners (TaP) is a semester-long partnership centered on teaching and learning between a professor and a Trinity undergraduate student. The student does weekly observations in their faculty partners’ class, takes notes, and makes reflections on their observations. These notes and reflections are then shared and discussed in a one-on-one meeting between the student and professor weekly to give the professor a student perspective on their class. The professor may also use the meeting time to get a student's perspective on a particular project or assignment, or to learn more about the student culture at Trinity. Outside of that, the student will meet weekly with the TaP Facilitator (Sophia Abbot) and fellow student partners to practice sharing feedback and gain additional perspectives on questions the student and professor may decide to tackle together. Ultimately, the program's aim is affirmative -- to highlight what professors are doing well and support them in expanding their positive teaching practices, and to encourage student reflection on their learning.

Why partnership?

Student partners are experts at being Trinity students. Faculty partners are context experts, often with deep teaching experience. Working with a student in partnership offers faculty a new lens through which to view their classrooms, understand student dynamics, and be affirmed in their work. The student partner gains a level of empathy and understanding for the professor and becomes a better student in the process. TaP can support faculty launching new classes, redesigning classes to fit with core capacities, and working to make classes more inclusive and equitable.

How does it work?

Faculty time commitment to this endeavor outside of their usual schedule is simply the weekly meetings they have with their student partner, and the time required to set up those regular meetings, along with email communications in between as needed. The Collaborative will offer faculty a stipend for participating, and hire and train the student partners as well as supervise their work. Student time commitment includes a 2.5 hr orientation at the beginning of the semester and no more than 6hrs of paid work (Institutional Student Employment) per week.

Who participates?

Ideal faculty participants are open to and passionate about reflecting more deeply on their teaching process. Ideal student participants are compassionate, thoughtful, and have strong communication and listening skills. Students must also have sophomore standing or above during the semester they participate (to have a stronger sense of Trinity classroom culture).

Space each semester is limited. If you are interested in participating, please email Sophia Abbot (sabbot [at]