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Department and Program Collaboration

The Collaborative understands that departments and programs have specific needs and concerns that are not always met with our regularly offered events and programs. We are happy to collaborate on ways that our center can provide these departments and programs with the resources and opportunities best suited to the particulars of these groups. 

The following is a sample of ways that the Collaborative might work with a specific department or program.

Curricular Mapping: 

We will provide feedback to a department/program currently considering or undergoing the design or redesign of a degree or sequencing of courses.


Departmental/Programatic Meetings:

We will attend a faculty meeting to discuss the needs of the department/program as it applies to Collaborative resources, events, and programs.


Focus Groups: 

We will conduct focus groups with department or program majors to help a department/program assess the effectiveness of current Student Learning Outcomes.



We will provide a workshop tailored to the specific pedagogical issues/needs currently being faced by members of the department/program.