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The Collaborative provides a number of individualized services that allow specific faculty members, disciplinary and transdisciplinary teams, and official programs and departments to receive focused, more personalized assistance related to their pedagogical needs and inquiries. 

Department/Program Collaboration

Solicited by departments and programs needing or wanting more tailored resources or those groups facing larger systematic pedagogical concerns.

Faculty/Staff Consultations

Provided as opportunities for faculty and teaching staff to brainstorm and consult on their courses and teaching practices.


Created by request of faculty and teaching staff needing more information and resources related to theoretical and practical aspects of pedagogy. 

Structured Mid-Semester Feedback

Facilitated on behalf of interested faculty and teaching staff as a means of gathering in-time feedback on the learning of their students.  

Teaching Observations

Offered for faculty and teaching staff as a formative and reflective way to learn what they do and what happens in their classroom.