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Tigers as Partners

Tigers as Partners (TaP) allows for one-on-one student-faculty partnerships that provide a different space for faculty to work directly with students, beyond more traditional research collaboration.    

What Is Tigers as Partners?  

Tigers as Partners (TaP) was piloted at Trinity University in Spring 2017 by six student-faculty pairs that focused on meeting various, individual faculty-specific classroom teaching and learning goals. These one-on-one student-faculty partnerships are models for engaging students in the pedagogical practices that take place in the classroom. Since then, the program continues to expand to include more faculty and more students in this unique opportunity.

How Does It Work?

TaP students work with their faculty partners by observing the classroom, reflecting on those observations, and then brainstorming in conjunction with the faculty about pedagogical ideas in order to enhance the classroom experience. The aims of this particular program include supporting professors in expanding their positive teaching practices, encouraging professors to explore different/innovative approaches to teaching, and broadening student reflection on their learning.

Why Partnership?

Working with a student in partnership offers faculty a new lens through which to view their classrooms, understand student dynamics, and be affirmed in their work. Essentially, having an outside student perspective allows for a fresh perspective so that a professor can make the classroom experience the best it can be for the students. The student partner gains a level of empathy and understanding for the role of the professor and becomes a better student in the process.

Who Can Participate?

Any and all Trinity faculty are invited to participate! Any Trinity student is invited to participate, given that they are at least of sophomore standing when they begin the program.

How Do I Sign Up?

Space each semester is limited. If you are interested in participating, please email TaP Coordinator Natalie McCray (nmccray [at]